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One of India's largest cities of festivals and merrymaking, Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, is a capital city of West Bengal, geographically located in the eastern part of the country. The city is close to the coastal lines, with many rivers like Hugli being surrounded around the city. Kolkata is the dominant city for the urban infrastructure of eastern India. There is so much to know about this beautiful and entertaining city. Read on to know more.

Real Estate in Kolkata

People of Kolkata generally speak Bengali, and that is also the regional language of West Bengal. Bengalis (Basically from the West Bengal state speaking Bengali) are the most creative people you would encounter. In terms of designs, art, literature, and above all, the FOOD! They know how to melt the hearts of viewers and readers. In other words, they are generally known for their intelligence and literature, for which many popular colleges in India are located in the city of Kolkata.

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Kolkata has a comprised revolutionary history from the Indian independence struggle to Naxalist/ leftist and trade movements of India, which is renowned even today as, " Cultural capital of India," "City of Palaces," and above all as the "City of Joy" however, speaking of modernization, the city still remains as a challenging aspect in terms of urbanization since 1653s.

The city comes with an array of cultural and exciting facts as many great saints, singers, revolutionaries, philosophers, poets from history who are an inspiration even today are from Kolkata. This is one reason why Kolkata is known for its quality in terms of education and knowledge. Thus, below are a few famous personalities name from the past who got pride to the nation with their revolutionary works;

  1. 1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

  2. 2. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar'

  3. 3. Mother Teresa

  4. 4. Swami Vivekananda

  5. 5. Ustad Vilayat Khan

  6. 6. Pandit Ravi Shankar

  7. 7. Subhash Chandra Bose

  8. 8. Rabindranath Tagore

  9. 9. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, etc.

These prominent names have set their life stories and contributions as a significant fact for inspiring ordinary people, especially youth!

Starting with how the city was named Kolkata, there are basically 2 incidents in which either one has the probability of being right. Firstly, the city was first termed as Kalikata is derived by the world Kalikshetra, the Bengali language refers to the 'ground of (the goddess) Kali.' The second one is that the city has always been known for its shell lime manufacturing hub, whereas the words of its scientific components being Calcium oxide- kali and burnt shell- kata put together bring Kalikata. All these were just assumptions; however, in 2001, the government of West Bengal officially changed its name to Kolkata that today spans about 25699 acres (104 Sq Km).

Curious about the history of Kolkata? The city has a lot to explain how it turned out to be what it is now! The archaeology study provides evidence to specific astonishing facts related to the history of the city which says about the reformations, ruling and incidents occurred by the British rule, French forces, Europeans, The Nawab of Bengal, and how this ordinary fishing village named Kalikata, dominated India to being transformed one of the thriving cosmopolitan cities of India.

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The city's location is within the lower Ganges delta and on the west of Bangladesh's geographical borders. The city is selected partly for defensive positions and trade activities; otherwise, the hot, humid climate with swampy riverbanks has very little to be recommended. Generally, the city experiences a subtropical climatic condition following a seasonal regime. Due to its closeness to coastal areas, the city provides a slightly hot climate most of the time. Thus, it is subjected to a tropical wet and dry climate.

Before Independence, Kolkata was also recognized as British India's national capital with the East India company's roots built here. Due to this, the city still consists of colonial-era like architecture contrasting perfectly to the city's current urban locale or diversified urban areas. With this, the city also consists of posh, air-conditioned malls, and full-fledged industrialization. Such layout has encouraged the development of a modern pattern across the city, which adds various reasoning factors to why the city is considered among the popular ones. Today, you can witness multiple skyscrapers and tall multi-story buildings that perfectly accommodate the majority's interests.

For visitors, Kolkata is a city that can be felt more than just visiting from the rich architecture to the food; the city favors its best to the outsiders to make them feel connected. As a city, Kolkata is a food lover's paradise with plenty of cuisines and mouth-watering delicacies that are popular worldwide.

This cosmopolitan city houses the interests of foreigners regarding the day-to-day routine of the city. Above all the other factors, Kolkata's people are the roots of making this city a lively one. Their friendly nature and welcoming culture are always iconic and unique that makes you feel like home. This is one of the reasons why Kolkata is one of the favorite cities in India.

The suburbs of Kolkata include Howrah (Haora) on the west bank, Baranagar to the north, Behala to the south. Precisely the whole urban complex is held together by close social and economic ties. Even today, you can explore historical touch in every aspect of the city's development.

All these mixed factors of livelihood is indeed an excellent place for residential purpose. This place witnesses mostz families than bachelors. With its safe environment and peaceful ambiance in Kolkata's significant parts, the city houses families' requirements to meet their end to end desires and wants.

The city is still developing to provide a posh and rich in class facilities however today, you can still experience a classy section of the city infused with smart technology and amenities for its residents.

Speaking of investments, Big and influential players have the upper hand, whereas the small builders are still struggling to have their properties in Kolkata in demand. Prominent realtors like Fortune Realty, DTC Group, Daffodil Group, etc. Concerning the safety and high appreciation, Homebuyers of Kolkata prefer buying properties from such big shot builders.