Depression In Teens

Things a parent should know.

What is Depression?

Depression is defined by many sources as "feeling sad, frustrated, and hopeless about life, accompanied by loss of pleasure in most activities and disturbances in sleep, appetite, concentration, and energy (Berk 421). Your child is at the highest risk of depression when he/she is in his teen years. Approximately a fifth of teens in the United States are affected by some type of depression and, if not handled properly, this depression could go on to affect them the rest of their lives. Parents need to know the signs and symptoms of this awful disease so they can get their child help immediately. Please read on for some helpful tips about handling your child's depression.

Signs and Symptoms

The number one thing parents should avoid doing is underestimating their child's moods and behaviors. Many parents think that their child's moodiness is just a result of growing up and do not get their child the proper help. Here are a few signs and symptoms for parents to be aware of.
-Sadness or hopelessness
-Irritability, anger, or hostility
-Tearfulness or frequent crying
-Withdrawal from friends and family
-Loss of interest in activities
-Changes in eating and sleeping habits
-Restlessness and agitation
-Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
-Lack of enthusiasm and motivation
-Fatigue or lack of energy
-Difficulty concentrating
-Thoughts of death or suicide

For more information

Below is a facebook page, a hotline number, and a website to help you learn more about prevention of depression and possible suicide. Depression is a very curable thing. The sad part is that only one out of five teens receive the proper help that they need to overcome this crippling disease. If your child is faced with depression or you know someone who is, don't be afraid to help. You could save their life.

Proven Methods for Ending Depression