Trevorasuarus' Bucket List

April 2014

African Sahara

In the African Sahara desert, I want to go sky diving. This desert was formed as a result of physical weathering. The wind erosion probably rubbed up against rocks and over a period of time(about 1 million to 100 thousand years) the rocks started to disolve and into sand. The Africa Sahara Dersert is located in Africa.

Nepal Bungee Jump and Canyon Swing

Bunjee Jump in Nepal Canyon #2

I want to go to Nepal, because i want bungee jump/rope swing off of the canyon. The way that this mountain was formed was because of physical weathering. The water ran through the mountain and disolved the rock into smaller pieces. This canyon is in Nepal!
The Highest Rope Swing in the World!!! Nepal - Chander Jagadish

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

I want to go to Las Vegas to go to the Grand Canyon and sky dive. The Grand Canyon was formed by physical weathering, and the reason why is the water moved through the canyon and broke down the rocks into smaller pieces. The Grand Canyon is in Las Vegas.

Salt Lake Canyon

Salt Lake Canyon

I want to rope swing in the Salt Lake Canyon in Utah. This amazing canyon was formed by physical weathering, beacause of the water getting into the cracks of the rocks and breaking them down. This amazing Salt Lake Canyon is in Utah.

Hawaii (Scuba Diving)


I want to go to Hawaii because I want to go scuba diving there. The way that this ocean was created by physical weathering beacause the waves and all of the water rubbed up againts the rocks and broke them down. This amazing scuba diving place is in Hawaii!