October 29-November 2


Good morning!

It's hard to believe we are in the last week of October and Halloween is a few days away. Last week was a great week, and I want to say thank you to the teachers that:

* helped with the additional supervision( it did make a difference)

* have participated with the Innovator's Mindset Discussion- Great postings!

* take the time to work with students after school and other times outside of class

* bringing in food on Parent Teacher Conference Night

* scheduled their observations.

and most of all, I want to thank you for what you do everyday, teach the students and work so well together as teams.

Have a great day and week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


What's Going This Week

This week is Language Arts Supervision.

Monday- Red Ribbon Continues- Favorite Sports Team- Michelle Turner's Birthday!!

Tuesday- Twin Day- Picture Retake- Fall Sports Banquet

Wednesday- Halloween - Costume Day- EH- Artisan Teacher

Thursday- Parent Teacher Conferences- PTO Dinner


Professional Development of the Week- Quoting Couros


1. A tool that could change education for the better - a laptop, tablet, or interactive whiteboard - too often ends up becoming the equivalent of a thousand-dollar pencil

2. We forget that if students leave school less curious than when they started, we have failed them.

3. Many schools and districts are not simply managing change, they are embracing it and moving forward.

4. If we want innovative students we will need innovative educators.

5. 21st Century education is not about the test; it's about something bigger...what I care about is that kids are inspired to be better people because of their experiences in school.

6. Compliance does not foster innovation. In fact, demanding conformity does quite the opposite.

7. Building innovative organizations will take all of us working together. This is not about "top down" or "bottom up" approach as much as it is about "all hands on deck."

8. Innovation is not reserved for the few; it is something we will all need to embrace if we are to move forward.

9. Schools, more than any other organization, need to embrace a commitment to continuous learning.

10. Change is an opportunity to do something AMAZING.

Quotes from The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros

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