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Edgar Allan Poe's early life

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19,1809 in Boston to Eliza Poe and David Poe Jr. When he was only one year old his mother died from what is assumed as tuberculosis. His father was an abusive drunk and left shortly after Eliza died, he was assumed dead two days later. He went to live with Mr. and Mrs.Allan, in which he got the name Allan from. He went to college to study literature. His works were incredible and ended up making him one of the best poet and short story author I have ever explored.

His death wasn't ever solved and there are many different theories.

First Theory: Beating

One of the main theories of Edgar's death was a beating. "At the instigation of a woman, " Smith writes, "who considered herself injured by him, he was cruelly beaten, blow upon blow, by a ruffian who knew of no better mode of avenging supposed injuries. It is well known that a brain fever followed.” since he was found in a gutter and what looked like he had been abused. His delirium would also be caused by the beating after he had become drunk.

Second: Mugged

Since edgar had no money or objects on him when he was found some choose to believe that he was mugged. One of the reasons that this isn't very believable is because I don't think that a mugger would have gave him new clothes. So this is one of the less believed theories and there isn't much information on the mug

Third: Drugged

Since Edgar Allan Poe had been a drunk yet trying to recover, which this information was just found out when his records from a alcohol anonymous like group was found, one of the theories had been a drugged drink. Some think that Poe was in a bar and went to maybe go to the restroom and had a drug slipped into his drink by a bartender or a customer to try and get him to drink more and become more intoxicated so that they could rob or kill him. Thinking about this made sense. He was in clothes that did not belong to him, was suffering from hallucinations and delirium.

Forth: Cooping

Others believe that Poe fell victim to a practice known as cooping, a method of voter fraud that was practiced by some gangs in the 19th century where a random victim would be kidnapped, disguised and forced to vote for a specific candidate a lot of times times under multiple disguised identities. Since he was missing for a long time and was wearing clothes that didn't belong to him was the cause of some believing this.

Edgar Allan Poe

Sadly this is his life, his story, and his death. He created such a high standard for american literature and his death hadn't even been solved. I believe that he is a true inspiration and if anyone believes not, they have some problems they need to figure out themselves.