Weekly Newsletter

Friday 24th January 2019

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What the teachers say about this week

Nursery - Stars

The children have absolutely loved reading and watching the story of ‘The Naughty Bus’. They have also enjoyed finding out what mischief he got up to every night in Stars. They have made buses in the box craft and enjoyed playing with the vehicles in the Small World, they have pegged the correct number onto the vehicle wheel in the Finger Gym, rolled the dice and added the correct number of animal passengers in the maths area. They have drawn their own buses and roads and even made their own ‘The Naughty Bus ‘story’.

Foundation Stage

As part of the EYFS curriculum, we enjoy learning about different celebrations and traditions. This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year: the story of how it began. This year is named after the Rat. We have made different crafts, painted Chinese blossom, tasted noodles, practised using chopsticks and tried dragon dancing. We have had great fun learning about the traditions of Chinese New year.

FS/Year 1

What a busy week we have had looking at alternative versions of The Three Little Pigs. We have combined Maths and Art to partition two and three digit numbers. We then built a house using apparatus before recreating this with paper. We have created a street of houses by ordering numbers and sorting odd and even numbers.

Year 2

We have had a great time this week deciding what weird and wonderful things our medicines would do to Grandma. We wrote an explanation text using similes and expanded noun phrases. In maths we have been dividing by 2,3,50 and using the inverse (multiplication) to check our answers. In science we have talked about how we grow and change.

Year 3/4

We have enjoyed reading the legend of the Minotaur and how Theseus defeated it. In Science, we made top trumps cards using our knowledge of how we can group and classify animals. Our new maths topic is fractions and decimals. We have investigated tenths and hundredths as well as equivalent fractions. The children are enjoying their dance sessions in PE.

Year 5

Year 5 showed Mrs Bennie and Mr Wheeler no mercy this week as they performed their Tudor courtroom playscripts. Both teachers were tried and, unsurprisingly, found guilty of a variety of crimes ranging from gossiping to treason and everything in between! Punishments ranged also, from being placed in the stocks, to meeting their end in a few grisly ways. Great fun was had by all! Less dramatically, the children have been impressing with their fractions and long multiplication skills in maths. In history/art, we have been learning about Tudor coats of arms and creating our own.

Year 6

Year 6 have continued to work hard in all areas of the curriculum this week. We have completed some cross curricular maths by creating a timeline showing the events involving Titanic's ill fated maiden journey, whilst also using analogue and digital clocks. We have also learnt about longitude and latitude, identifying the different locations relating to Titanic. In english we have written recounts as different members of our guided reading texts. In math we have worked on Mean, Median, Mode and Range.

Breaktime snacks

Your children tell us that they are 'starving!'

We have been providing snacks for KS2 children to eat at breaktime. This is because so many of them tell us constantly from 10:30am to lunchtime how hungry they are and their work ethic suffers between these times.

However - the snacks we have been giving them have been donated to us by the charity 'Fareshare' and we are wary because they are usually breakfast biscuits. The healthy schools policy really means that we shouldn't be giving breakfast biscuits as a snack - the snacks should be fruit but it has been very difficult to turn the children away when they are looking at us with 'cow eyes' and claiming that they feel ill because they are so hungry and didn't have any breakfast etc......!

So - we'd like to appeal to you as parents - please provide your children with a fruit snack for them to have at break time. It can be anything from a piece of fruit such as an apple etc to dried fruit in a packet or box.However - if you are sending fruit based snacks in packets please check the amount of fat and sugar they contain. The following link will help you with this. https://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/family/fruit-snacks-for-kids-the-best-and-worst-revealed-45191

The snack cannot be a cereal bar as they are very often full of sugar and fat and also are more likely to contain nuts and it cannot necessitate a fork or spoon as these can cause accidents. From the end of next week we will keep the breakfast biscuits for emergencies only.

This week’s attendance and punctuality

Best Attendance

Stars 100%

Well done – 10 extra bees.

Whole school attendance


This is great attendance - thank you


The following classes have all had 100% Punctuality and will earn 10 extra bees:

Stars, Moon, Earth, Jupiter and Constellation.

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Thank you to the Y2 parents

Thank you for coming to the Y2 SATs information evening this week. If you could not attend or if you did attend and you want to refresh your memory, you will find a pdf downloadable version of the teacher's powerpoint presentation, as well as lots of other Y2 SATs information on the school website under the 'parents' tab.

Wraparound Club phone number

When the clubs are in operation:

  • 7:30am - beginning of school
  • end of school - 6pm

the number to call if you have an emergency and need to speak to a member of Wraparound staff is:

07442 535800

Please note -this is not the number to call for bookings - these must be done on the main school phone number:

01757 704308

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Stars - Harper Lea

Moon - Logan Gibbard

Mercury - Samuel O'Brien

Venus - Elise Catton

Mars - Elias Smart

Earth - Thomas Rowley

Jupiter - Jessica Bradley

Saturn - Libby Fielder

Neptune - Aiden Workman

Asteroid - George Elliott

Pluto - Emily Cooper-Illingworth

Constellation - Jessica Goldthorp

Nebular - Kieron Firth

Unclaimed Lost Property

At the moment, instead of disposing of it, Mrs R sorts the unnamed lost property school uniform around school, takes it home, washes it, irons it and puts it in a cupboard behind her desk as it is too good to throw away. If you would like any amount of uniform you can come and get as much as you like for free - the cupboard is bursting! Please do!

If you would not like your child's uniform to end up being recycled in this way please please please put your child's name on all items. Any that are named go back to the owner when found.

This term's after school sports clubs


3.30 – 4.30

4, 5 & 6


Balasz from British Judo

ends 3rd Feb

£12 for the 4 sessions



3.30 – 4.45

1 & 2

Futsal (Indoor version of football)

Mr Pooley

14th Jan - 11th Feb

£22.50 for 5 sessions

Book at https://j7-sports.class4kids.co.uk/


3.30 – 4.45

3 & 4


Mr Wheeler / Mr Pooley

15th Jan -12th Feb

£22.50 for 5 sessions

Book at https://j7-sports.class4kids.co.uk/


3.30 – 4.30

4,5 & 6

Modern Dance

Miss Beeton

16th Jan -13th Feb

£15 for the 5 sessions



3.30 – 4.45

5 & 6


Mr Wheeler

17th Jan - 14th Feb

£22.50 for 5 sessions

Book at https://j7-sports.class4kids.co.uk/

Next Week's Menu


Ham & Pineapple Pizza

With Chips

Peas & Sweetcorn

Sunflower Seed Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese & beans

OR Baked Baguette with cheese & beans

OR Egg Bread Roll


Fresh Fruit or Organic Yoghurt


Chicken Korma & Rice

Cauliflower & Broccoli

Naan Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese or tuna

OR Baked Baguette with cheese

OR Cheese Bread Roll


Arctic Roll & Mandarins

Fresh Fruit or Organic Yoghurt


Minced Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

Green Beans & Carrots

Creamed Potatoes

Sliced Wholemeal Bread

OR Jacket Potato with cheese

OR Baked Baguette with cheese & tuna

OR Tuna Bread Roll


Fresh Fruit or Fruit Yoghurt


Tomato Pasta (Homemade Tomato Sauce) with Garlic Bread

Mixed Salad with Grated Carrot

OR Jacket Potato with cheese or tuna

OR Baked Baguette with cheese & tomato

OR Ham Bread Roll


Berry Sponge & Custard

Fresh Fruit or Organic Yoghurt


Fish Fingers & Tomato Ketchup

Veg Sticks

Potato Wedges

Wholemeal Baguette

OR Jacket Potato with cheese or beans

OR Cheese Bread Roll


Rice Pudding & Sultanas

Fresh Fruit or Fruit Yoghurt

Message from Mrs R

Wow! What a busy 'sinking ships, tortured teachers and dancing dragons' kind of week!

We have also had a special Y6 group of children showing exceptional values of kindness and consideration by raising money through a bun sale to help animals injured by the Australian Bush fires. Events like these make me so proud of our children. Thank you so much for supporting the children by sending in buns and money for your children to buy them. The bun sale raised just over £120.

Have a wonderful weekend!