Survival Guide

for the Mojave Desert in Las Vegas / By: David Guzman

Location, Climate, Tempature

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The Mojave Desert is located in North America in Las Vegas. Its climate is 8 degrees in January and 119 degrees in August. The range of the temperature is temperate.

4 steps to surviving the plane crash in Mojave Desert

Step 1: take what you can from the remains of the plane like metal scraps, water canteen, and clothing. Step 2: try to find a food sources to survive like rabbits, melons, and squash. Step 3: make a tool out scrap metal like small hammer, knife, and ax to chop down cacti to get water. Step 4: find people who had survived there or live there.
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Animal life in the Mojave Desert

Desert Cottontails, Bobcats, and Gila Monsters are all Mojave Desert animals that survive heat and cold climate. A desert cottontail would be the most useful to me because of it's pelt and meat. It's not harmful but really hard to catch.

Plant life in the Mojave Desert

Melons, Squash, and Trees are all plants in the Mojave desert. A melon would be the best for me to eat and it is not poisonous to eat.
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