The People of Perseverance

By: Evan Walker

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the continued effort to do something despite the difficulties and Adversities. To overcome adversity one has to have faith and Belief in themselves. Also one must never ever give up because if they do all the work they did would be for nothing.

The Lady Jags Descriptive Paragraph

The Lady Jags are a basketball team that was going through many adversities in their lives, but then given a second chance by their coaches. Many of the girls on the basketball team were having trouble in their neighborhood, and at home. Sometimes some of the girls would come home to drunk parents. Another example is that some of the other girls abused drugs. Some of the people at Carroll Academy were part of gangs in their neighborhood. Until the girls came to Carroll Academy they were having a tough life. When they got to Carroll Academy though, the teachers and coaches helped them overcome their adversities and triumph. While at the academy the teachers and coaches taught them life lessons, like how to be more street smart, and how to deal with their anger and hardships. Some of the kids there went and played basketball for the Lady Jags, the basketball team for Carroll Academy. The girls on the Lady Jags were taught how to connect basketball to their own life. Finally the girls on the Lady Jags were taught how to overcome their adversities, until they were able to triumph. In conclusion the Lady Jags are these group of girls who have overcome many adversities, and changed their entire life for the better.


I chose to put the picture of a basketball on this newsletter, because it shows how the Lady Jags basketball team used the game to connect the their everyday life.

Winston Churchill Infograph Timeline

This timeline shows the important events in Winston Churchill's career, and it also represents how he persevered in his career.
Big image

Jackie Robinson Problem and Solution infographic

In this info graphic it shows problems Jackie Robinson faced, and it shows how he dealt with them.
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Compare and Contrast Carry on Story

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton were to boys featured on ESPN because they went through many adversities and hardships while having disabilities. Dartanyon and Leroy both have faced many adversities, from Dartanyon growing up in a crack house, while having leber's disease. To Leroy being run over by a train and losing his legs. Both of these young men have persevered through similar situations, but have had totally different yet amazing and life changing futures. Leroy and Dartanyon went to school together, and they both soon joined the school wrestling team. While on the wrestling team Dartanyon would carry leroy around. When leroy was on his back he would act as Dartanyon’s eyes because Dartanyon could only see five feet in front of himself. After just a few years of high school and Dartanyon just barely passing the grade they both graduated high school getting their diplomas. After that they both did not know what they wanted to do next. This is when their lives went in different ways. After some time both boys were featured on ESPN, and a trust fund was put up to help them get enough money to go to college. Leroy went to Collins College in Arizona to study video game design. While on the other hand Dartanyon was practicing a new sport called Judo. Soon after Dartanyon went to the 2012 London Paralympics where he and Leroy met up again. During the Paralympics Dartanyon was the only person there without a parent. Still he persevered on though because of the dedication and the amount of practice he got bronze in the Olympics for Judo. In the end of it all from being run over by a train to growing up in a crack house. Both of these boys were able to relate to each other, and become successful in life because they kept persevering, and carrying on.

This shows Dartanyon Crokett during one of his Judo matches

Dartanyon is seen in the white totally tackling his opponent in a Judo match. Also another fact is that Dartanyon came home with bronze from the 2012 London Olympics.

Eric LeGrand Cause and Effect Paragraph

Eric Legrand was the star running back for the Rutgers football team, but tragedy struck on October 16th 2010 when he was paralyzed during a tackle. He was doing a routined kick when he was running upfield. When he was tackled he broke two vertebrae in his back paralyzing him from the shoulders down. After many operations later, and much hard physical therapy he was put in a wheelchair. This is not all though Eric still maintained a positive attitude, and that astonished many people not just in his family, but also on his old football teammates. After this he was when he was started to be noticed, and this is when his fame took off. His former coach for the Rutgers came over everyday to help comfort him, to give his mom Karen Legrand a break from her hard work. Soon after though his coach was asked to come and coach the Tampa Bay buccaneers, and that is when the attention struck. The effect of this was as soon as Eric's coach got the promotion Eric was asked to be part of the team. Eric was astonished and immediately said yes to the offer. Not too long after this moment Eric was adopted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. This was a great honor for him to receive. Eric Would go on to receive many different awards in his career. To top this off Eric Legrand has come a far way from being paralyzed in an accident to this creating a major effect on the rest of this career. This outcome was his dream, to become a pro football player.

This is a picture that shows Eric LeGrand after his injury to his back

Eric LeGrand is seen in his automated wheelchair on the Rutgers football field.


To conclude, all of these people have persevered, but it is not just the most well known people who persevere. It is the normal people like us who persevere through hardships and adversities. It is part of out daily lives to keep going. This was different ways to persevere, and it shows how normal people like us became huge people in different industries because they got over these hardships.