Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

By Jeff Kinney /Book Report By Asher Bertz

This book is about Greg Heffley's summer break and what he does during his summer break. It starts with Greg being out of school and his friend Rowley inviting him to the country club where his family goes. They spend most of their summer there. They go to the pool and see some people they like, they join the Reading is Fun Club, and next they start a lawn mower business called V.I.P Lawn Service. Greg and Rowley don't get along because Greg tells Rowley to try to work the lawn mower. (They don't know how to use a mower.) Rowley refuses and leaves the job. Greg has to mow all by himself, and he gets the mower going. So, now it his birthday and for his presents,he gets a ladybug cell phone which can only call home or 911. After presents it was time for cake but his uncles dog ate half of the cake, so he was sad. His mom felt bad, so his family bought fish and it made Greg feel better. While his family was at a water park, their pet piranha ate all of the other pet fish. Next, they got a dog named sweetie that made Greg irritated. Then, Greg went to a log cabin by the beach with Rowley and his parents. Lastly, Rowley and Greg decide to go camping by a game store for a gaming tournament, but in the morning the game store worker said there was no tournament.

Greg's sitting in front of his TV playing games inside. His parents want him to go outside to play with his friends instead.

Greg's friend Rowley

Rowley is a friend of Greg's that is sometimes stupid and sometimes smart. Rowley is smart because he has good ideas. He is sometimes stupid because it takes a while for him to understand jokes.

Greg's brother Rodrick

Rodrick is a not smart brother that picks on Greg just like a normal brother. Rodrick pick on Greg by calling him names.