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Elise Tate, Mommy Influencer, creator of SignMeUp, and wife of NFL player Golden Tate, has a starter sign resource for all parents, teachers, and caregivers wishing to teach their children or students sign language.

Her love of sign language started out as a necessity and soon turned into a passion project. After hearing the statistics that 90% of deaf children are born to parents who can hear, but up to 88% of those parents will never learn how to sign, Elise knew that she had to get her book and resources into the homes, classrooms, and pediatricians' offices nationwide.

SignMeUp is a book/resources designed for parents to teach their children sign language. She has plans to publish a whole series of sign language books and posters as well. Her dream is to expand the books to be in all schools, doctor offices, and hospitals.

Sign Me Up is a resource for parents created by a busy mom, for a busy you. This book is designed for parents with little to no prior sign experience to help alleviate stress and increase communication. Sign Me Up is edited by Colleen Farrell who was born 100% deaf and holds a Master's Degree in Deaf Studies: Sign Language Teaching. The book is designed to help build children's confidence as well as vocabulary.

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1. SignMeUp is easy to use.

Elise was frustrated with the multiple parenting sign language books she ordered. They were either so full of signs that she had trouble finding the one she wanted or included signs that weren't helpful. In SignMeUp's first book, it consists of basic signs that are the most helpful to aid in communication and ease frustration. The signs are easy to find.

2. SignMeUp is great for non-signers.

The pictures are clear and not ambiguous like many of the signing books I have seen. It gives clear instructions on how to produce the sign, great tips for remembering the sign, and suggestions on how to repeatedly use the sign with children and students all throughout the day.

3. SignMeUp is a great resource.

The book is something that classrooms can have on their library shelves and parents and caregivers can take home. In addition, the posters can be hung throughout the classroom or a room at home to remind children, parents, and teachers to sign often and repetitively.

4. SignMeUp is aesthetically pleasing and durable.

A lot of love and care went into the making of this book. It's durable and was built to withstand multiple usage. The colors, pictures, and font are pleasing and something that parents and teachers will want to display in their classrooms or homes.

5. SignMeUp is diverse.

One of the things that Elise cares about is making sure to include diverse characters in her books because she has biracial children of her own and knows that representation matters. SignMeUp has children of all colors and abilities which is something that students need to see.

6. SignMeUp gives back.

Every purchase is fueling the HELPING HANDS initiative, providing communication tools to children in need around the world. SignMeUp is committed to donating a minimum of 10% (but usually it's more like 30%). Thanks to your purchase, we're helping adoption agencies, foster children, children's hospitals, educational programs, and the Deaf community.

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