NEDP Daily Buzz

April 24

FitKids Fun!

Today's issue features fun from our FitKids Instructors. We love to keep it active. How have you been doing in our Bingo Board Challenge? Got Bingo? We'd love to see a picture of you being active.

Tony's Nature Scavenger Hunt

At Sunita Williams, our friends LOVE when Tony takes them on a nature walk. He has designed an outdoor scavenger hunt for everyone. Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day out, perfect for this activity!

Fun Game from Stanley (Newman)

Hi, here is a game that Tom named “QuarterBall” when he played. I call it, “hit the quarter”.
Material needed: One bouncy ball, one quarter
Playing surface: Driveway, sidewalk, or any somewhat flat surface
Objective: Try to hit the quarter with the bouncy ball. One point for a hit, three points if the quarter flips over. Play to 11 or 21.
Skills: Hand-eye coordination, reflex movement
Set-up: Layout out two rectangular boxes on the surface you are using. The two boxes should be adjoining each other. The easiest size would be both rectangles being 4’ x 4’. You can adjust the box size
according to the skill level. Place a quarter in the middle of the two rectangles, heads up to start. Each player stands behind the outmost point of the rectangle and throws the ball at the
quarter from this position. Use chalk to make the boxes on the driveway or sidewalk. Be creative if playing indoors.

Andrew's Workout!

Here's a quick workout from Andrew Bugembe. He is also a personal trainer in addition to his work at NEDP; what a great person to stay in shape with!

Don's Table Hockey Spelling Bee!

Materials- small table, 2 cardboard empty toilet paper rolls (use as hockey sticks) , ball of tape with sticky side covered, 2 sets of goals (use any small standing items), paper and marker or pen


Set goal post near corners of table of opposite ends for easy access to score

Whenever the ball is scored on a goal- player that did it first is allowed to guess spelling of the word

A 3rd person will announce the word to the other players

Player that doesn’t spells the word will start defending their goal while the other player starts with the ball

First player to spell 5 words correctly, wins.

Objective- be the first person to spell 5 corrected words