Savannah Calvert's Goals

Mrs.Richards' 5th Grade 2015

My Strength and Weaknesses

My strengths are my math grades.These are my are my strengths because I'm doing very good in math.My weakness are Social Studies grades. These are my weaknesses because my Social Studies grades.

Goals For This Year

My Language Arts goal is reading better and get A's on my test.I will work on this by the end of the year.My Social Studies goal this year is trying to bring my grades up and learn more about history. I will work on this by the end of the year. My Science goal is trying to like it better and learn more things about land forms and how science works.My math goal is trying to get better at decimal and fractions. I hope my year has great grades and lots of work done.

Personal Goals

My Personal Goals for this year is to get all A's one time.I will work on this for the rest of the year and all nine weeks.Another Goal I have is to get better at multiplication and bring Social Studies and reading. I will work on this by the day I get out of collage.

Who Can Help Me?

One person who can help me reach my goals is my teachers Mrs.Richards and Mrs.Canada. They can help me because i could bring my social studies grades up and my sciences goal to.

What might distracts me?

Something that will distracts me from reaching my goals are people moving and talking. One way I can keep people moving and talking is ear plugs or being silent.