Thomas Edison

Inventor of the lightbulb


Thomas Edison was born in 1847 Milan Ohio United States to Samuel and Nancy Edison He was one of the seven children his mother gave birth to.You would think Thomas Edison was excited about school,but actually he was bored and quite imaginative.Thomas Edison soon quit school and became home-schooled by his mother. He married twice and to Marry Sitwell and Mina Miller.He was a father to Marion ,Thomas J,William, Madeline, Theodore, and Charles.

Powering New York

Powered by Lightbulbs

Thomas Edison was known for inventing light bulbs.Thomas believed that everyone's house should be lit up by light bulbs. He built a factory that gave electricity through wires in New York because he knew New York was a big city and spread the news quickly if it was a successful factory.

Did you know?

-Thomas married twice and each time he married he had three children each time he married.

-Thomas was born poor.

-Thomas experimented in an automobile.