Speleology Challenge


PRICE: $60.000

Sunday, April 21st, 7am-5pm

Calera, Cundinamarca, Colombia

About the event:

First of all, the activity is called “caving” it means that we are going to explore inside a cave to search an exit in the middle of the dark.

The activity includes: transport, trekking, entry to the cave, helmet, guidance inside the cave, nurse, lunch, and other natural activities.

Things you have to take in to a count: bring a lantern, old clothes or clothes you are willing to impair, bring appropriate shoes to don’t slide and fall, and too much positive attitude to face your fears and have a good experience.

Possible risks: if you have claustrophobia it would better not to go, inside the cave you will find bats, sharp rocks, water and little holes along the way

For more information call:

Leonardo Toro: 311-295-31-02