The longest sentence in the world?

The Power of cooperation

The Purpose

The purpose of this dynamic is to lead the teams to understand/observe/experience clearly and forcefully how collaboration works and what its requirements are.
We will do it through a direct challenge and using only 5 minutes (plus the debriefing/harvesting/rescue time you want to give to everything that will come out of this activity). We will do it in an enjoyable and disruptive way because this dynamic will involve the friends of the people who are part of the meeting or workshop you are facilitating, and we will ask them to call in LIVE!

The challenge

Let's create the world's longest (and funniest) sentence! It would help if you only had only paper, + Pencil + a cell phone.
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The Steps

❤️ We ask each participant to think of a friend; they don't have to be from the team or related to your work world. You are going to call them and invite them to a fun game!

❤️ The task: "You must create the longest sentence in the world. Together with this friend person, you are going to take turns writing, adding two or three words at a time to build the longest sentence in the world. The person you call will say the first words. Then they will say yours. Take turns until the sentence grows. Both of you take note of what you build." At least three words each.

❤️ The time for that call will last 5 minutes; you have all that time to write that super sentence. At the end of the time and before culminating the call, we ask the caller to read the whole sentence.


NOTE: You can also practice this in the ROOM WORKSHOP with your colleagues and no need to phone them.

Here is the innovation:
1. You can choose only one colleague

2. You can go around constructing the phrase randomly with different colleagues

Any of the ways produces results.

3. Use a big post-it size for the complete phrase to stick on the wall

4. Write it clear, so it is easy to read it from a distance

5. Virtual? use MIRO or mural or whatever tool you need, breakout rooms


Some elements that you usually rescue: When asking for help, a person gives us that time to co-create without asking for anything in return. It happens when you phone them.

SPONTANEOUSNESS: the flow of this activity is in spontaneity; planning takes away that magic.

Ownership: Both are owners of the final product. There are no secret agendas, and no one controls the other person's contribution.

Horizontality: No one dominates the activity. They take turns—equal status. Listening is active—full attention to the other person.

No copyright: It is impossible to find out who has contributed the most. The end product is unexpected and incredible. Co-creation diffuses these limits.


When the time is over, you can create a wall of phrases (virtual or in the room) and read the phrases. Even you can make them vote for the most creative sentence and analyse what elements make them win. You will discover many values hidden in their choices.
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