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Winter 2020

Greetings Early Education Families,

We hope our winter newsletter finds your family healthy and excited for the winter season! We look forward to a new year with new opportunities to support you and your family to stay healthy, build resilient relationships and make connections.

Happy New Year! Sincerely, The Early Education Team

Take Home Tips : Resilience Edition

Resilience is being able to bounce back from adversity, and is one of the biggest predictors of children’s confidence and competence. One of the best ways to prepare young children for the difficult experiences they will face is to help them develop these basic skills early on. During this busy time of year, it becomes extra important to remember that the most important present you can offer your child is the gift of your presence in these simple ways.

  • Attachment : Your child needs to know they are loved and cared about by the important adults in their world. Spend time with and give attention to them as often as you possibly can. To laugh and smile together is a powerful force that helps your child feel connected and safe.

  • Initiative : Let your child do it by themselves! Encourage them to try self-care activities like getting dressed to go outside, brushing their teeth, and scooping their own snack. It takes extra time and patience, but it will help your child feel capable and effective.

  • Self-Management : Allow your child to express their feelings and continue to teach them appropriate ways to handle them. A wide range of feelings is normal and we can learn ways to work through them as children - and as health adult role models.

This is why staff at our center use TCIT (Teacher Child Interaction Training) language with students. It helps them feel connected, manage their emotions, and take ownership over their choices and learning. You can learn these same communication skills to use at home by joining the Parenting with Pride event.

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Parenting Tools to Use

Preventing the spread of illness can be a challenge during this season. Start the new year healthy with the following tips and information:

  • Handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Make it fun by encouraging your child to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or another family favorite twice while you are washing.

  • Encourage your child to help you wash the dishes - they won’t even realize they have the added benefit of a good hand wash.

  • Similarly, fill a tub of legos with warm, soapy water and give those toys a good scrub. It will be a fun way to play and clean at the same time!

  • Teach your child, and remind them often, to cough into their elbow. Use the phrase “cough pocket” or “sneeze catcher” to make it fun.

  • Sleep will be important to keep your child healthy. Ensure they are sleeping 10 - 12 hours per day, and even more after an illness so they can fully recover.

For more great illness-prevention and health-related information, visit https://kidshealth.org/

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