Siesta Beach

Joshua Tyson


Location: North America, United States, Florida

Latitude and Longititude: 27.2670 N, 82.5463 W

Active/ Passive

Active- a coast where tectonic activity is present

Passive- a coast where tectonic activity isn't found

Siesta is a passive coast


Primary- a coast designed by land processes such as volcanoes (land forces)

Secondary- a coast designed by marines processes such as currents( marine forces)

Siesta is primary


Emergent- a coast showing because of the sinking sea levels

Submergent- a coast covered because of rising sea levels

Siesta is emergent


The sand color is extremely white and fine and that's because the sand is made up of 99% quartz( which comes from the Appalachian Mountains)

Interesting Features

"The Whitest and Finest Sand in The World"

"The Best Sand Beach in America"

"The Best Beach in America"

Due to its shallow near the shore and year round lifeguard protection makes it one of the safest beaches in the world

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White Sands

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Clear Waters

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