Karla Rubio

The Change

The Change was a period of time where more and , more people didnt really listen to the churches anymore the people would want to learn about Anccient Greece and Rome.Churches were weekend. The renaissance focused more on art and the rebirthof classical Greeceand Rome.People focused on learning Greek and Roman history.

Important People

  • Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist, scientist, and he was also an inventor.As an atist only 17 of his paintings survived. He lived through 1452-1519.
  • Mona Lisa was a married merchant.
  • Michelangelo Buonarrito was known for a painter, sculpter, architect, aslo a poet.Two of his work of art were david, and Sistine Chapel

The Impact

The impact was that "The Change" was that it expanded learning,art, and also architecture. It also started "Humanism" which increased philosophy,history,and literature.

How Is That Change Evident In Todays Modern Society

It is evident to todays modern society in an artistic influence and also in a cultural way.Also in a scientific way , The change affected a difference in the prespective of people of viewing things like in art and architecture.