Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- April 20, 2018

Week at a Glance

Reading- This week we reviewed main idea and how important it is to understanding the text. We discussed and identified the difference between main ideas and supporting details. We spent the week identifying the main idea in informational texts we read.

Math- We are moving into the area/perimeter section of unit 6, which is perfect because module 3 of E4Tech focuses on area & perimeter as well. We're getting a double dip of this skill that can be so difficult for students to grasp.

Science/Social Studies- We have 4 butterflies!! Tomorrow we will release them into the wild! It was so fascinating to see how butterflies change throughout their life cycle and it's amazing to see the difference between a butterfly at the beginning of it's life (caterpillar) and the end of it's life (butterfly).

Writing- We continued working on our informational writing this week and used a checklist to see how our writing has improved from the beginning of the unit. We also did a refresher/review of opinion writing to prep for OST next week.

No homework next week due to State Testing

OST Testing

We will be taking the reading OST next week on April 24th & 25.

We will be taking the math OST test on May 1 & 2.

The best test prep you can do is be sure your child gets to bed early the night before, has a stress-free morning and eats breakfast! :)