the pool day

by tyler montgomery

the plan

On a hot summer, day I thought that today would be the day I could have the best pool

day ever. I jumped in the pool ready to swim the farthest I could, but first I have an idea. I

should have done a cannonball in the deepest part of the pool to soak Kristen (trying to get a tan).

I got out of the pool soaking wet and snuck beside Kristen ready to jump when all of a sudden

she told me to “get lost” so my plan was ruined

plan b

About 30 minutes later, Kristen swimming

around with her friends I thought I should do a cannonball right beside them. So, I ran as fast as

I could, I jumped, I felt as if I was weightless like I could do anything, right as I hit the water I

sank to the bottom and barley tapped the floor of the pool and then began to swim to the top

that sinking feeling

just then Kristen sank her feet into my shoulders and I struggled to move her feet. I could feel

my breath going away slowly drifting away losing energy every movement I made then I blacked

out and as I started to close my eyes, I could hear the life guard yell “STOP” then I felt the

lifeguard lift me up and I blacked out. The next day, I wake up with my mom and Kristen

sleeping by my bed, and I decided to let them sleep so, I called the nurse in to ask her to hand

me the remote since I had a IV strapped to my wrist.