Copacabana PS Technology

Term 1, Week 4 2014

Books for Key English Concepts

A comprehensive list of books and the key English concepts which they cover. Compiled by Christine Fraser

Writing Narratives

An excellent SlideShare about Writing Narratives

Studyladder has lots of activities on Narrative Writing

The 2010 Narrative Marking Guide from the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy

Calendar Notebook file for SmartBoards

Nathan MacGregor has made an excellent interactive Calendar for ES1 & S1 which he has shared on his blog

Early Literacy Instructional Videos

A series of 15 short instructional videos of strategies used to promote students' literacy skills. Suitable for K to Year 3

iTunes cards

Target and Woolworths both have 20% off iTunes cards at the moment

Amazing Shadow Theatre

Staff Technology Updates

  • No after school technology get together in the Lab in this week.
  • Please email your blog's URL to me and I will put a link to them on the school website.