Wild Fires

By Cali Sherbet

Main Issues

The main issues with forest fires are that they destroy trees and animals homes while also polluting the air. The animals who once lived in the forest that is now burned down will no longer be able to live there. If the animals are trapped they might suffocate in the smoke and they air will be filled with carbon dioxide gas from the fire.
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Any region with trees and forests can be affected by forest fires because they can occur anywhere. animals such as deer and owls are effected because they live in the forest and their homes get destroyed.this issue doesn't really effect league city although it could effect any near by parks and or forests. even though we aren't so close to any place forest fires occur that doesn't mean other people aren't effected. Humans who live near or in woods might also lose their house and animal populations will decrease causing hunting to lower and less food for us.
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Who or what?

Forest fires can have many causes, people leaving camp fires burning, lightning are just some examples. both humans and nature can be cause for a forest fire but both are just as damaging to the environment. the only thing people can really do to stop them is to remember to put out camp fires and let fire fighters dump a foam spray to try and stop the blaze. I think people should just be more cautious with fire and anything that uses heat when near trees.
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There aren't many things we can do to prevent wildfires but we can do things to prevent being the cause. remember to put out camp fires and turn off heat sources when camping or spending time in the forests. we can plant the native plants in the areas that got destroyed to help it come back to life.
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Come up with solutions....

i think a good solution for wildfires would be to put lightning rods around forests to make lightning less likely to hit trees and light them on fire. as i have said before there isn't much people can do to prevent wildfires.
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