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Electronic Edition. Monday, December 22nd 2014

Technology in Schools: A Caution

by Esha Mittal

Technology has grown rapidly over the course of 10 years, increasing the outcomes of its impact. In our daily lives, technology is used every day.

While many teachers say that technology can help us extend our knowledge, it has also decreased our attention span in class, thus affecting our grades and the amount of education we process through learning. The College Board and National Writing Project conducted a Pew Survey, which showed that "roughly 75 percent of 2,462 teachers surveyed that the Internet... had a 'mostly positive' impact in student research skills." However, nearly 90 percent of the teachers believe that "an easily distracted generation" was being established by digital technologies. Teachers now have to go out of their comfort zone just to get our attention, such as starting to sing, dance, or wearing completely extraordinary clothes. Hope Molina-Porter, an English teacher at Troy High School, has noted "a marked decline" in the work of her accelerated students and also finds it necessary "to do a song and dance" just to get their attention. Teaching methods now have a changed aim, of making learning more interesting instead of educational, giving students less of a challenge. Today, technology has become such a necessity in our daily lives that it is now more of a crutch than a luxury.

It is almost an essential part of us. It would be great if we found something that can help us improve our learning, but it would be even better if it does not have a more negative impact.

Advice with A-Squared

Q: I want to get my friend something, but I don't know what to get. Help!

A1 says: Does he or she play a sport? If so, what is it? Get him or her something related to that favorite sport, or a game that fits your friend’s personality. If he or she does not like sports or games, get him or her an iTunes gift card.

A Pirate’s Life Includes Many Rehearsals

by Angela Sun and Angela Wu

Every year, many talented students in this school will come together to perform a play. Even though the Desert Theater show is quite far away (March 19th, 20th, and 21st), the cast and crew are already hard at work. This year, they are putting on the timeless classic, “Peter Pan Junior,” a story of a little girl who loves to tell stories about Neverland, Peter Pan and his nemesis, the “elegant Captain Hook”. When it all comes true, she embarks on an amazing adventure.

On December 18, we went to observe a rehearsal. The pirates were rehearsing their dance, “A Pirate’s Life for Me”. There are seventeen pirates, eighteen including the notorious Captain Hook. Aneesha Sampath, who plays Captain Hook, tells us that “[Thursday] was designated just for the pirates to practice. We [were] working on a dance which includes all the pirates but me.” We were surprised that there was one day allotted just for the one group, and not the whole cast.

As we continued to observe the pirates learn their tricky dance movements, we readily anticipate watching all of their hard work pay off. We believe you should get to experience this opportunity yourself, so come and watch the show!

Rocky Weather in Rockville

By Thomas Vlahos

Monday: Rain with a temperature of 43 degrees high and a low of 36 .

Tuesday : Sunny with a temperature of 50 degrees high and a low 42.

Sun for the final day before winter break

Stay cool this weekend,

or stay in...

Whatever you do,

Have fun this vacation...

and be warm

until March!

Book Reviews

Review of Unbroken

By Jeffrey Riker

Title: Unbroken

Author: Laura Hillenbrand

Genre: Autobiography

Stranded. Lieutenant Louis Zamperini and two of his companions are alone in the middle of the Pacific, little food, little water, and circling sharks. Zamperini, did not have the life of an ordinary soldier. Raised in a poor Italian family, Louis was always getting himself in trouble. But finally in high school, his older brother, Pete, introduces him to running and becomes worked as his personal coach. Louis’s running talent has only been used to escape trouble but when he used it for track, he’s unbeatable. Running gets him a college scholarship, and a spot as the youngest athlete on the United States team for 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.

After the Olympics, Zamperini caught in the midst of World War II joins the air force to avoid draft. There he is sent on a rescue mission on the worst plane in the fleet, which crashes and kills most of the plane’s crew and exiling him and two others in the Pacific Ocean. Unbroken is the unbelievably true story of Louis Zamperini as he fights for survival in both the Pacific Ocean and Japanese prisoner of war camps.

Student/Staff/Administrator Profiles

Staff Profile: Ellen Rawson

Ellen Rawson, Media Specialist Extraordinaire

by Khushboo Rathore

Do you ever wonder who the person checks your books out behind the library desk is?

The answer: Ms. Ellen Rawson, a media assistant who has worked in high schools and elementary schools, and currently works at a middle school. She works with Mrs. Yu (the media specialist), and thinks it is like working with a best friend. She enjoys working with Robert Frost Middle School students because there is a diverse population of readers. They are also open to experiencing new things and reading new books.

As hard as it is to believe, Ms. Rawson wanted to be an artist while she was growing up. She does some amazing art in the Media Center. She likes everyone at school and loves to be at Frost. Though she has only been here for 2 years, her only dislike is the color scheme of the library (don’t tell Mrs. Yu!). When Mrs. Yu is busy, she recommends many books that she read when she was growing up, and from what she reads nowadays. For example, she would recommend books like Bridge to Terabithia, A Wrinkle in Time, Shilo, The People of Pineapple Place, The Mortal Instruments, Kiss of Deception, The Infernal Devices, Iron Fey and long time favorite of people around the globe, Harry Potter. Even having read so many books, there are still many books for her to read, such as Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising, I am Number Four, and A Spark Unseen.

What she recommends for people aspiring to be librarians is to continue to make time to read books just for fun, and go to college for something you enjoy. She recommends that you do something you are passionate about like science, architecture or anything else for your undergrad, because any personal knowledge can only help the library. While you are getting your master's degree to be an archivist or librarian, intern in a school library and archive to figure out which one you like to do.

Soon, Ms. Rawson will be getting married. She thinks being engaged makes her feel like an adult, and she enjoys it. Her wedding plans are going slow but her wedding is going to happen no matter what. She enjoys planning the smaller details more than the bigger ones. She is most looking forward to getting married to her fiancé, Ben, and doesn't care if it happens at the Ritz or a McDonalds. In conclusion, Ms. Rawson is the person that helps keep the library on its feet and makes sure Mrs. Yu does not have too much work.

iPhone 6 Review

By Sameeha Malek

Apple recently brought out the new iPhone- the thinner, bigger, and lighter iPhone 5. I mean, sure, there is the 6+, but who wants to look like they are holding a tablet to their head? It’s so popular that there are still humongous lines of people waiting to get it outside of Apple stores, and there are probably customers who might have wanted to read this before spending $200+ on it.

The Pros & Cons


-Has the new and secure payment method, Apple Pay.

-More pixels= sharper, and bigger pictures.

- Has reach-ability (a feature that makes your screen smaller, so it's easier to access)

-Auto-focus and Focus pixels are added to make this iPhone's photos sharper and more accurate.

-Improved face detection so your selfies turn out beautiful!

- You can take pictures while recording a video.

-You can call for up to 14 hours on 3G!

-Internet use is : Up to 10 hours on 3G, 10 hours on LTE, and 11 hours on Wi‑Fi.

-Keyboard is better with the new iOS8.

-Everything is more secure and safer with Touch ID.


-It’s hard to hold it in one hand, especially with a case.

-It is bulky , and heavier with a case to protect your iPhone.

-Charging your battery from around 5% to fully charged is enough time to go on a mini movie marathon. (3 hours).

-Different place for your on/off button. Previous Apple users are used to the button being on the top.

-The battery is the same as the previous iPhone 5S. So basically, you are just getting a thinner, lighter, and bigger iPhone 5S. In fact, many customers say that the worst thing about it is the short battery life.

-The screen has low resolution, especially compared to the big screen.

- It is very pricey. $200 for only 16 GB? No thanks.

-You cannot “manually” add more GBs , instead, you have to buy it for $100 dollars more.


The iPhone 6 has its pros and cons, but overall, it deserves a 8/10. The battery and price are big factors that make the iPhone 6 less desirable, but the good attributes even it out.

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