Growth of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts - By Liam Woener

Calligraphy and Painting

The Japanese People adopted the Chinese way of writing. They used brushes and ink to write on their papers. Calligraphy means "the art of beautiful writing". The Japanese considered Calligraphy as a way to show beauty. They used two themes in writing, simplicity and a love of natural beauty. It was introduced in the 600s by the Chinese people. Japanese drawings are very detailed, and show landscapes, historical events, and daily life.

Flower Arranging and Gardens

The Buddhists also brought the art of flower arranging to Japan. People used simple ideas to highlight the beauty of the flowers. They also used bonsai trees to do this. Bonsai is when you grow miniature plants in pots or trays. Gardeners also created gardens to help the people think. They used rocks and plants to describe themselves. They used this to show natural beauty.

Bonsai Trees

Gorgeous Bonsai Trees.  盆栽

Essential Question

What themes are reflected in Japanese arts?

Review Question

How did Japanese culture reflect an interest in natural beauty?