Internet Safety

Everything you need to know about Internet Safety.

Social Media Safety

All social media is dangerous and should used properly. Social Media Is full if ways that people can find and learn about anyone which isn't so nice to hear. Everybody has or will be looked at and learned about on social media. As long as you stay private, stay away from strangers, and follow the rules of social media you should stay safe hidden from unwanted people. Its not just some social media its all social media.

Internet Viruses and Bugs.

All around the internet there are false ads and pop ups just waiting for someone to make a wrong click then your computer can be full of viruses and bugs. You can prevent this from happening by staying on safe websites and staying away from ads and pop ups. The most common virus ads are ones that say you have won something special or expensive and once you click on it you have invited a virus or bug onto your computer.