Bear Necessities for PAT

April 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

We are on the countdown!!

Please be sure that you have checked those LSP's, entered all screenings and have scheduled those that are not, finished your HHV and checked your pvr's. Now is the time to be thinking toward next year - how many kiddos are you exiting and how many will you be needing. I have lots of families that are wanting to be picked up, so think about how many you will be needing. Send me an email of an approximate number (day and evening) you will be needing - you will not be held to this number; I'm just trying to figure out the wait list. If you know for sure what you will be wanting, update your folder as well.

Your last day to count visits is the last day of school this year - May 25th.

Thank you ladies for all you do!

Entering those ASQ-SE's!

Word in the cubicles is there's a question about entering your ASQ-SE or SE2 into VTW.

As always, I would tell you to not go back and fix, but to move forward and enter the correct screening tool you used. (No one should be using the ASQ-SE...only SE-2).

Student Files

Please remember that these are a child's permanent student file. They are to have their legal name on the enrollment form, health form, screenings and in VTW. Everything needs to be correct on all forms as these are to follow the student to the 3rd grade!!!

Even if mom calls Elizabeth "Ellie", all her permanent information should have Elizabeth - if you call her Ellie, you can place it somewhere to remind you (maybe on the outside of the file or under her permanent name).

Your Attention is needed in the Portal!!

We are updating our user profile requirements

To maintain the accuracy of your information, we are asking you to update your user profile with current and accurate information.

This information helps us provide better products and services to meet your needs and support all of our constituents, and it aligns with our data collection policies, including the confidentiality of your profile.

Please review all of your information. Any missing and required information will be highlighted in Red. You will be automatically redirected to the profile page or Click here to update your profile information.

I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to update their profile as well as clarify a few items. The required information is highlighted in Red. Meaning, the box for the information will be red. Your name is required and we need to correct your name. However, in red, Request a name change, is an active link for a name change only. Click the link and let us know what part of your name needs to be changed and what it needs to be changed to. If there are no changes, you can move on to the next question.

One other final tidbit: if you have forgotten your password, enter your User ID (which is your email) and click forgot password button. You will receive the information to retrieve your password sent to your email. Check your spam folder as well. If you would like to change your password, you can change it under your profile under the tab that states account. Once you change your password, click next and make sure to hit submit. If you don’t hit submit, the new password will not be saved.

Update Profile

Family Experiences and Stressors

In September, Parents as Teachers National Center announced that the language around the high-needs characteristics was changing. We are now using “Family Experiences and Stressors” in place of the former term “high-needs characteristics.” As before, these experiences and stressors can be used to inform the intensity/frequency of home visits as well as the content, focus and goals of all PAT model services.

This new term more accurately demonstrates the Parents as Teachers approach of partnering, facilitating and reflecting with families. The description is also intended to emphasize the importance of taking a person-centered and trauma-informed approach to working with families, rather than labeling children or parents.

Parents as Teachers recognizes that families are systems, and that the experiences of any one member are likely to impact the whole family. Parents as Teachers National Center continues to work to best serve our programs and families. Currently we are looking at the best way to assess and work with not only family stressors but also family strengths.

Congratulations Jon Ellis!

2018 Business Leader Advocate Award

Jon has worked supporting many programs in Missouri but has been an extremely strong supporter of Parents As Teachers in Lee's Summit for years. Jon was recognized at the 2018 Child Advocacy Day for his dedication to improving the lives of Missouri's children.

Chris Neidt

My husband Jeff and I live in Lee's Summit with our 14 year old twins, Jack and Olivia. Completing our family is our golden retriever, Henry. Our kids keep us running with their many sports and activities. We love playing board games together when we get the chance. I also enjoy going to Royals games, dinner with friends and yoga. My next goal is a backyard garden this summer!

Shonda Hicks

This is a picture of my husband, Scott and myself on a trip that we took with our children, Lath (15) and Landry (13) to Washington, D.C. Scott and I moved to Kansas City approximately 14 years ago from Kirksville, Missouri, which is my hometown. We live in Grain Valley where our children attend high school and middle school. Some of our favorite things to do are camp at Bennett Springs, travel, work in our garden, and of course provide transportation to the activities that our kids are involved. I am blessed beyond measure.

Thank you Jessi!

Jessi ran across a website that you can put in a child's name and it will print off practice writing sheets.