Grand Cross

Webcast next Friday. Don't miss it!

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Dear people,

The big moment comes closer! This weekend we are witness of the total solar eclipse that will have a lot of influence on the energy on Earth. Around me I can feel the tension rising and from the many messages on the internet we can conclude that the attention for this astrological highlight is really starting to grow!

Next Friday you get the chance to get everything out of this special moment. At the best time possible I will share the new activation Self-Healing, which helps you to cleanse yourself from old karma. Check out the website:

The broadcast is at 08.00 p.m. GMT. See you online!

From heart to heart,


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Heal yourself from old karma

In the time approaching the Grand Cross, I have shared regular updates (thanks to Dutch astrologer Annette Kok). To sum up: within a time frame of several days we have a chance to reach a huge turning point. It seldom occurs that the energy is so purifying as it is now. Everything in the cosmos is in the right position and all planets are on the right degree. This is THE moment to heal yourself from the pain from the past.

What my guides the Arcturians say:

"There is a huge increase in the activity around the earth’s quantum field, call it cosmic energy. Mankind is preparing itself for a really strong turning point, one that has not happened before in your evolution. You are going to move from programmed thinking to intuitive feeling. In order to detach yourself from the programmed reality that you know, you first have to heal yourself from the energetic illness that have been passed down. This is what you call ‘karma’." Read more

The process continues!

The Grand Cross is the starting point of a wave of several years. In 2015 there are a few energy shifts on which the energy on Earth changes and the final one is most important, which is on December 12. So from March 20 the transformation starts and will continue, which is why it is important to keep the self-healing process going.

Keep following the updates on, because on the days of the energy shifts I will be back online!

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New: Self-Healing Energy Spray

To keep the process going after the webcast, you can now order the new Energy Spray of Self-Healing. The spray cleanses your aura and gives you a protective shield around your auric field and surroundings. For ordering and more information go to the webshop.

Normal price € 19,95. From now until 22 March 10% discount.

Delivered from 20 March.