Fun in 4K

September 4

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Our First Few Days

All of the children had a WONDERFUL first week of school! They have brought their listening ears to school each day and have been very eager to learn and make new friends. Our learning has been focused on routines and expectations in the classroom, on the playground, in the bathroom and in the hallway.

All of the children are also eager to be independent, so we have been practicing how to hang up our backpacks and coats, clean up after snack and playtime and wash our hands. Of course, we have also been practicing wearing our masks. Taking them on and off during snack and recess is pretty tricky, so please continue to practice that at home. They have also been practicing how to walk in a line and use the bathroom all by themselves. All of these things have been going so well and that's a testament to all that you have done at home to get them ready for school. THANK YOU!

With the chilly weather coming in the next few weeks, it would help greatly if you could practice putting coats on, which includes turning the sleeves right-side out and zipping. This will ensure that we maximize our recess time :)

Our Essential Agreements

At Rose Glen we have "Essential Agreements". Our Essential Agreements are to: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. Our focus during September is on Be Kind and Be Safe. This is what we'll be working on:

Be Kind means:

*Use kind words

*Use your listening ears

*Share and take turns

*Help others

Be Safe means:

*Use walking feet

*Use gentle hands

*Stay in the classroom

We've Been Practicing Our Listening Rules During Circle Time

We made our names with Playdoh!

Meet Mrs. Kaufman

I'm sure you all have been hearing lots about Mrs. Kaufman, the 4K teaching assistant, so I thought I would send you a picture so you can put a face with the name. Mrs. Kaufman has been teaching at Rose Glen for almost 30 years! She has worked both as a classroom teacher and after "retiring", her love of children and teaching brought her back as an assistant. She has worked in the 4K classroom for seven years. Her knowledge and nurturing personality makes her a perfect fit to help teach our littlest learners.

Home Folders

Folders will be sent home at the end of every week. That means Thursday for afternoon students and Friday for morning students. Mrs. Kaufman will fill the folders during the week and send them home. If there is something important that you need ASAP, then she will just put it in the backpacks.