what is a percentage?

the word 'per cent' comes from the latin 'per centum'

In english, this means out of hundred

it is shown by the symbol%

The grid is made up of one hundred squares the shapes are made out up of a different number of squares out of a hundred

this means the shapes cover different percentages

blue=25%=25 over 100 =1 over 4= 0.25 R=75

pink= 13%=13 over 100 =0.13 R=87

yellow=24%=24 over 100 =0.24 R=76

orange=19%= 19 over 100= 0.19

skin=2= 2 over 10 =1 over 5=0.2 R=98

how to find 50% 0.5 x 36=18

how to find 25% 0.25x36=9

how to find 10% 0.1x36=3.9

how to find 5% 0.05x36=1.8

how to find 2% 0.02x36=0.72

how to find 1% 0.01x36=0.36