Hi I'm Lakeisha!

A little about me!

Hello everyone! I’m Keisha, and I am very excited to see what new ideas and concepts I will learn in this course. First off I live in Durham North Carolina and I have two boys and a lot of fish. My main experience for child development is I guess my work. I have been a teacher’s assistant in a pre- k setting for at least 13 years and now I’m a group leader at an Elementary school. Soon I will be substituting until my oldest child completes Chemotherapy and then I will be able to commit to a more structured schedule. I really would like to be an assistant teacher in an Elementary school setting until I finish school. I love working with children and I really consider myself getting paid to play. I love coming up with new ideas to do with them and generating ideas from them too. I fell like the profession I am at is where I truly belong, but as the years progress, I plan to come out of the classroom and work with children on a one on one basis. I thought I wanted to do child psychology, but now I’m gearing towards Child therapy. I’m not 100 percent sure yet I just do know that I want to continue to work with kids.

In my Spare Time!!

I love to cook, swim, watch horror and Disney movies, and go to the beach!

My Family!

Favorite things at work!

Putting on Themed Family fun days! The entire staff and the families always had fun! This was when I was working at Head Start.