Facebook buying out Oculus Rift

CEO of Oculus VR comments on the sell out

The CEO of the company comments on the purchase from Facebook by saying that he was not aware that Facebook was buying the oculus rift and that the week before he was talking technology with Mark Zuckerberg and that he argued that he mention that Sony proved that not to long ago that VR is set to become a major industry for tech "titans" to fight over



video crashed site when attempted to load video click on first video link and the video talks on the subject of the sellout

describtion on the Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is an advance Gaming device that put you the player in the world of the game this concept is know as virtual reality or VR for short this system is not a stable concept people have tried in the pasted they have not been as successful as the Oculus has because the Technology is there just we are still grasping the concept of it. Its a revolutionary system its just fresh, new, and unknown that's why its not as familiar to most of the public its used in some in some surgeon schools so your not throwing the human at risk also the military is kind of deploying it in the filed for testing like in Afghanistan or Iraq there using the system the to disable IED mines know mater the fact that this thing is mostly used for gaming it can save hundreds of lives by taking the human element out of the situation