5 Shops in a row

By Nic Campanile

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AT&T Wireless

Type of retailer: AT&T Wireless is a speciality store for phones
How do they get customers? ATT has lots of good deals as well as being the first to have the new phones and accessories.
Cross Selling: You can offer phone cases and accessories for their new phone as well as offering a plan for them.
Upsell: They could get you to buy a bigger size phone or a bigger size plan.
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Great American Cookies

Type of Retailer: Speciality stores selling cookies

How do they get customers? They get customers by selling high quality cookies and making them very affordable. The colorful logo also helps attract children.

Cross selling: They could sell different cookies to them for a variety so they could figure out their favorite.
Upsell: They could sell packages of cookies at different deals aswell as adding different toppings to the cookies.

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Wildberry yogurt

Type of Retail: Wildberry yogurt is a speciality store for yogurt

How do they get customers? They get customers by making cheap, high quality yogurt that tastes good. The health side of things also draw in customers.

Cross Selling: If you like a certain flavor you can also buy similar tastes and flavor. If you like a certain health option you can get different flavors of it.

Upselling: They could add toppings to the yogurt as well as more yogurt along with your order.

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Auntie Anne Pretzel

Type of retail: Speciality store that sells pretzels
How do they get customers? They get customers by making the smell of the pretzels draw in customers as well as displaying pictures of the pretzels making people hungry.

Cross Selling: The store can sell style pretzels like different flavors.
Upsell: They could add different sauces as well as drinks along side your pretzel.

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Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop

Type of retail: Speciality shop selling Dallas Cowboy apparel and accessory only.
How do they get customers? They use the logo and the name to draw in cowboy fans.
Cross Sell: They offer people matching pants with their jerseys.

Upsell: They can offer people a bigger and more customized hat or jersey with their name on it.