The Maze Runner

By; Jared Gast, Adam Singer, and Brady Harrison


The Glade is in a place where no one in it knows. The 30 minute elevator ride takes you up to the Glade but no one knows where. It's a big square a couple times larger than a football felid and is made into for sections, the north east, south east, south west, and north west.

"When my eyes start to clear, I see humungous walls many feet high and the area of this place is a couple times larger than a football field."

James Dashner pg. 5

This song has a bunch of suspense feeling and feels sort of weird to the ear. That is how the Glade works its very weird and nobody understands it.


The atsmosphere you feel here is confusion and suspense. The author chose this atomsphere because it creates a constant sign of cautiousness and wants the reader to have a lack of knowing what is going on just like the main character.

"He began his new life standing up, sorrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air."

it shows the emptiness and how alone you are. He wants the reader to feel confusion and wonder.

Page 1, paragraph 1.

This song gives off suspense and chaos type feel. Like the music you might feel when your world goes crashing down and nothing is the same.


The conflice in this book is how Thomas will escape the maze, and maybe get everyone else out too. This song is about how he doesn't know where he is and everything is new. This relates to Maze Runner because Thomas doesn't know where he is and doesn't know how to get out.

In the book it says "he began his new life standing up surrounded by cold dusty air." Maze Runner page 1, Dasher