Staff Weekly

Published: April 14th

1-2-3-4. I declare a Peep War. Be in the gym at 7:30am Monday for kickoff.

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All core teachers, please review the following expectations during your cores on Monday:

  • Social Studies: Chromebook/technology expectations (this includes cell phones, earbuds, etc.)
  • ELA: Respectful interactions with peers and staff
  • Math: Review expectations around turning in of work/recovery
  • Science: Morning, transitions, and dismissal expectations

James and I will give them a pep talk during Morning Meeting. The grade level with the LEAST number of minors/majors/non-negotiables from April 15-May 15 will take a field trip to the movie theater.

Friday's Schedule

APRIL 19th--If it rains...we will have a Plan B

  • 7:40-8:05: 1st period
  • 8:08-8:33: 2nd period
  • 8:36-9:01: 3rd period
  • 9:04-9:29: 4th period
  • 9:32-9:57: 6th period
  • 10:00-10:25: 7th period
  • 10:30-11:10: Free Friday (in their rooms/areas they chose)
  • 11:15-12:30: 5th Period Mentoring and Lunch (let's see how they do eating with one another)
  • 12:35-2:00: Rotations (Kona, Color Run, Tug-o-War)
  • 2:05-2:25: Full School Tug-o-War and Pack up
  • 2:25: Announcements

Ice Cream Truck Returns

  • The Ice Cream truck will be back on MAY 8th (the day before testing) with a Chill Out During Testing treat.


This week is 60 minutes and mandatory for everyone. This is our state testing meeting. It will be led by your BAC (building assessment coordinator), Tia Wood.

The information given during this meeting will keep you out of trouble and will give you the information you need to be successful during testing. Please (as always, but it bears repeating) do not bring ANYTHING to work on, do not bring your computers, do not have sidebar conversations, and do not leave early. This is the most important faculty meeting of the year.


No meetings this Friday. Be prepared to discuss the entire chapter of How We Teach on April 26th.

During May

Core Meetings 2:45-3:45

May 14th: ELA, Sped, and UA: Read pp. 115-162

May 7th: Social Studies: Read pp. 163-200

May 8th: Science: Read pp. 201-238

May 9th: Math: Read pp. 239-274

From these meetings, we will begin developing our Ballyshannon Instruction Handbook.

Spring Photo Schedule--TUESDAY

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For summatives:

1. Have evidence uploaded for domains 1 and 4

2. Have your domains 1 and 4 rubric highlighted.

3. I was planning on a rotating sub, but the majority of you guys signed up during one of your plans. I anticipate each summative to only take 30 minutes of the 45 scheduled. I adjusted the rest of you to plannings.


  • All staff in gym at 7:30am
  • Welch summative at 8:30
  • 9:00am: Office Staff Meeting
  • 9:15am: Admin Team Meeting
  • 9:35: Staffing with Bowles, Demetrakis, Palmer, instructional team for AN
  • 10:25: 504 Meeting Demetrakis
  • 11:45am: 8th Grade Promo Team during SEL with Bowles
  • 7th Period: Fay Post Observation with Bowles and ARC meeting/Palmer & Hurst
  • After School: Hour Long Faculty Meeting
  • 4pm: Bowles to LSS for meeting on SBG


  • 9-12: Palmer and Kegley at LBES for 5th Grade Scheduling
  • All Day--Bowles and Kegley at Principal's Meeting and Cluster Meeting at Rush
  • Spring Photo Day
  • ELA Dept. Meeting after school


  • Faculty Mindfulness in the AM
  • Stacie...are you in Richmond at a science training?
  • 7:45am: Palmer, Herrmann, and Bowles meeting with incoming parent
  • 3rd period: Berberich summative
  • 4th period: Hansen summative
  • 6th period: ARC with Demetrakis
  • Bowles at District Office for 4pm meeting
  • Stacie at Grading PLC with Cooper and Ryle or at Arts/CTE meeting at LSS


  • Holocaust Presentations in media center during 3, 4, 6, 7
  • 7:45: Berberich formative and ARC/Transition with Demetrakis
  • 3rd: Heidrich summative--we need to move this due to the EOC planning meeting, Speech ARC (Palmer)
  • 3rd: EOC planning meeting
  • 4th: Dillon formative and ARC with Demetrakis
  • Admin during 3rd and 4th
  • 6th: 6th EOC planning meeting, Palmer ARC with Hurst
  • 7th: ARC with Demetrakis
  • After school: Talent Show Auditions, Erika meeting with Eagle Scout for project, Energy Team, Sped Team Meeting, Board of Ed meeting (last day of school will be set)


  • Weird Schedule--Mentoring, Free Friday, Color Run, Tug O War
  • 7:45: Maley summative with Bowles
  • Stacie out all day--coach PD day
  • Happy Hour