Universe on a T-Shirt

Brian Choe

Universe on a T-Shirt by Dan Falk

In the book Universe on a T-Shirt by Dan Falk he talks about all of the scientific theory that as happened over the entire timeline of scientific knowledge and he begins to talk about his own theories and ideas with in the book having some differences and agreements with ideas that are modernly used right now. He will also talk about the Universe and all of the galaxies, stars, time as well as our solar system, explaining his own ideas to it.

Personally I feel like like the book was alright it wasn't quite what I was expecting because it was a lot more opinion based and some of the ideas he was talking about wasn't very logically or very different and wild to were it wouldn't make sense at all. What I did enjoy about the book was it was fairly laid back and a relaxing read that used a very modern english and terms that made it catchy. I wish this book was more one topic focused instead of jumping around from the first theory to modern day theories that are so much to handle.

This book relates to our topic because it has pictures that include Issac Newton, force, space and gravity. Isaac states that he "saw an apple fall to the ground. As he contemplated the falling apple, he also thought about the moon moving its orbit around the earth." This brought the idea of gravity and now we use this knowledge to understand the ideas around planets, galaxies and the earth. We have a great understanding and knowledge of this idea which will help us in Astronomy.