Sport Quotes

Its not just a game


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My connection with sports <3

How does sports connect with me ? First of all i love playing sports . They also help me relies my emotions . I like to keep my self in shape , and sports is a good way to do this . I like to show the sprite of my school to everyone & also i like to be involved in activities having to do with my school . I also like to competitive with others and playings sports help me believe that i am good at something.

Quotes :)

~ Don't quit . Suffer now & live the rest of your life as a Champion.
* Muhammad Ali *
~ Champions believe in themselves , even when no one else does.
* Unknown *
~ Winning means you're willing to go longer , work harder , & give more than anyone else.
* Vince Lombardi *

*Thematic statement*

I believe that sports are a good way to keep us in good condition . And don't have to worry about illness .