Nicholas Exar

Expert in Sanitation and Public Health

Nicholas Exar

Nicholas Exar spent his career in the field of public health. He is a member of the American Public Health Association, the leading public health association in the United States. Nicholas Exar and the American Public Health Association share the same basic mission: to ensure health and safety in the community. Nicholas Exar is now retired, and currently enjoys life as an active senior.

Nicholas Exar: Family and Health

Nicholas Exar is a devoted husband and father who says his family means everything to him. “I wouldn’t trade my family for the world,” he says. “I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Nicholas Exar graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology in 1951. Always preferring the comfort of home, he chose to stay in Pennsylvania to start his career. After earning a Certification in Secondary Education with a concentration in the Sciences from Temple University, Nicholas Exar became a high school teacher.

Nicholas Exar loved teaching and found it rewarding to inspire his students to learn about themselves and the world around them. The pleasure he found working with young people has carried over to his family. To Nicholas Exar, watching his children grow into adults over the years has inspired a new love within himself of life and its possibilities.

But Nicholas Exar was ambitious, and determined to further his career. This led him to the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Nicholas Exar’s began a long career in public health, going from general sanitarian to Chief of Hospital and Extended Care Facilities for a top ranking company. Throughout his professional life, Nicholas Exar demonstrated an ability for creative problem-solving.

Today, Nicholas Exar remains active in his community and has never wavered in his belief in health and safety for everyone. An expert in his field and a committed family man, Nicholas Exar is enjoying a life of fulfillment with his family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Nicholas Exar: Passionate Photographer

Nicholas Exar is a retired public health official, member of the American Public Health Association, and a former high school teacher. And today, this active senior still gets his biggest kick from taking pictures.

Nicholas Exar has been an energetic shutterbug for over thirty years. “It started with pictures of my family, either on vacation or being goofy,” he says. In time, Nicholas Exar began to identify what it was he liked about certain pictures he had taken. And this led him to want to know more about professional photography, and turning his hobby into art.

“I’ve learned what I can informally over the years, but as I get older I seem to have a tighter grasp of my creative abilities in photography,” Nicholas Exar explains. What started as a leisurely pastime and a way of capturing special moments has led Nicholas Exar to create a professional portfolio of his work. Nicholas Exar has also taken control of the creative process with his own darkroom for developing, enlarging, and adjusting his photographs.

Nicholas Exar says he never meant to create a portfolio. He naturally got into it when he started grouping his favorite shots into categories. “Then I said, ‘Oh! I have a portfolio!’ and didn’t even realize I was doing it.”

Nicholas Exar is well on his way to improving his photography skills. His children and grandchildren can attest that the family albums are getting more stunning over the years.

“I won’t stop taking pictures until my eyes no longer work,” Nicholas Exar says. “It’s too important to capture that fleeting moment of significance.”

Nicholas Exar: Communication is Essential to Progress

Nicholas Exar can be considered a professional communicator. He has experience communicating with a vast array of audiences, from private meetings to public events and coordinating communications with multiple large agencies. Nicholas Exar believes communication is essential to progress on any scale.

Communication and listening go hand-in-hand, according to Nicholas Exar. One cannot learn to communicate effectively if one does not know how to listen. While “the ability to communicate effectively” may not seem like rocket science, Nicholas Exar knows that it does take a certain attention to detail and precise listening skills to communicate effectively.

Nicholas Exar has always been tied to his community, including neighbors, friends, colleagues, and strangers on the street. What Nicholas Exar knows better than most is how to communicate with a wide array of people. This is not something that can be taught but is something learned and practiced.

Communication is how well we exchange information and news between one another. Nicholas Exar is a master at disseminating information in order to create solutions to get the job done. Either while working or conversing with family and friends, Nicholas Exar is adept at communicating effectively and listening clearly to needs. This has made Nicholas Exar an exceptional leader, husband, and father, a perk gained when one learns to communicate effectively.

Nicholas Exar urges those struggling with communication and listening skills to follow these tips. First, Nicholas Exar never attempts effective communication while emotions are running high. It just is not a good time to “talk.” Second, it may help to paraphrase what your partner is saying, so that everything is understood between both parties. Lastly, Nicholas Exar stresses the importance of eye contact when speaking with someone.

The benefit of good communication is a clear understanding of others’ wants and needs. This is the essence of relationship building for Nicholas Exar.

Nicholas Exar: Public Health Professional

The field of public health has changed with the times and advancing sciences over the years. What hasn’t changed is Nicholas Exar’s commitment to it. Nicholas Exar has held multiple positions in his field. This range includes everything from being a sanitarian working in the field to holding the prestigious title of Chief of Hospital and Extended Care Facilities for a popular health agency. Nicholas Exar has tackled projects both large and small with confidence and creativity.

Nicholas Exar has extensive experience with a spectrum of skills, including: program planning and evaluation, policies and procedures drafting and implementation, and coordination and communication with other environmental and public health agencies.

In addition, Nicholas Exar has supervised hundreds of staff over his 50+ year career. One of his greatest assets is his ability to truly listen to people and understand their concerns and questions. Characteristically, Nicholas Exar puts the needs and concerns of others above his own while ensuring a safe community for all.

Diligent with any challenge, Nicholas Exar goes above and beyond the call of duty to stay on top of scientific solutions to public health problems. Because of his proven history of success in any endeavor he puts his heart into, Nicholas Exar has become well respected in the public health community and has saved many lives in the process. His expertise and kind heart have combined to make him one-of-a-kind in his field.

Prestigious affiliations agree, as he is a valued member of the following: the American Public Health Association, National Environmental Health Association, Pennsylvania Public Health Association, and Pennsylvania Society of Professional Sanitarians.

A true professional and die-hard family man, Nicholas Exar makes balancing a successful career and a full household look easy. Never too busy for friends or family, Nicholas Exar is indeed a modern renaissance man.

Nicholas Exar and the Importance of Higher Education

As a resident of Pennsylvania, Nicholas Exar grew up with the influence of good citizens and peers in his community. A naturally curious young boy, he had many friends growing up in the neighborhood and was always excited to learn something new. Throughout his adolescent years, he became more attuned to his true life calling. And finally, as an adult, Nicholas Exar chose to listen to his gut and follow the path of education as far as it could go.

Nicholas Exar is no stranger to hard work. He knows about the struggles a busy, working adult can face while trying to get an education. Having received degrees and certifications from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Lebanon Valley College, and the University of Pittsburgh, Nicholas Exar is a proponent of higher education and is well versed in what it takes to succeed.

Though not always an easy road to travel, Nicholas Exar values the benefits of higher education and the life lessons that invariably follow once obstacles are overcome. Nicholas Exar attributes his success in part to his loving and supportive family, without whom he would not have been able to excel as far as he has. However, without the ability to attend an institute of higher learning, Nicholas Exar would not have had the opportunity to master the spectrum of information he now possesses.

Although Nicholas Exar had a natural proclivity for the sciences, he whole-heartedly believes that without the advanced training he received at various institutions, he would not be the expert in environmental science and public health that he is today. Much can be said for the value of higher education, in Nicholas Exar’s opinion. Along with the support he has received along the way, the educators he has encountered on his journey, in his opinion, have made all the difference.

Little Known Secret: Nicholas Exar is Fluent in German

Nicholas Exar is an accomplished public health professional with years of experience in teaching, health planning, and community organization. It is clear that he is a master of his craft and has helped revolutionize the fields of Environmental Science and Public Health. What most people don’t know, however, is that Nicholas Exar is fluent in German!

It is hard to tell what initially caught Nicholas Exar’s ear for German. Could it be the strange letters, the throaty pronunciation of syllables, or the allure of a foreign language that has helped provide the groundwork for modern English? No matter the reason, Nicholas Exar enjoyed the language enough to study German at the University of Pennsylvania, where he primarily focused his studies on biology, chemistry, and psychology. After he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, he went on to acquire a teacher’s certification in the subject of German language at Temple University.

After earning his certification, Nicholas Exar did become a teacher – of science! Before he was given a classroom of bright-eyed, high school pupils, Nicholas Exar spent many weeks preparing lesson plans. He planned homework assignments and in-class activities, cleaned and arranged his classroom, and sought the advice of other high school teachers. When it came time to teach his first class, he greeted his students with confidence. As it happened, the young teacher had a true knack for teaching at the high school level. The parents of all of his high school students constantly lauded his teaching skills in sciences and his ability to awaken an interest and love for science in their children.

It was during his time spent teaching high school that Nicholas Exar began planning for his future in environmental science and public health. While he ultimately chose to pursue the sciences, German has stayed close to his heart throughout the years.

“Family Comes First” says Nicholas Exar

Nicholas Exar is a respected and acclaimed Public Health professional with an extensive background in science and a keen, inquisitive nature. The key to his success, he says, has always been his family and his strong relationship with his children. According to Nicholas Exar, nothing holds as much weight as the bonds he has fostered with his children.

A married man and father of three, Nicholas Exar is familiar with the struggle of finding the balance between work, life, and family. This balance may be hard to find for some; but for Nicholas Exar, family comes first. Without a strong foundation at home, everything else is destined for mediocrity. He credits his success to the love and support of his wife, who has steadily stood by him throughout the years.

Nicholas Exar, despite his own professional goals, has placed great emphasis on “staying in the loop” in regards to his children and the events surrounding their growth. An example of this can be found in his involvement as President of the Parent Teacher’s Association at his children’s elementary school. While serving as President, Nicholas Exar relished the challenge of balancing work with a true interest in his children and their lives.

Priding himself on his involvement with his children and a genuine interest in their happiness, Nicholas Exar can think of no job more rewarding than that of being a parent. From baby’s first steps, to helping with homework, to high school, college, and professional school graduations, Nicholas Exar wouldn’t miss a beat of his children’s lives if his career depended on it.

This engaging quality and love of fatherhood has provided fulfillment in Nicholas Exar’s life, no matter what else may have been brewing at the time. His dedication to his family has only served to strengthen his bond with his wife, without whom he would not feel complete.

Golf is Nicholas Exar’s Favorite Sport

Family, success, and self-improvement all rank highly on Nicholas Exar’s list of priorities. While these are all worthy causes, Nicholas Exar has learned over the years that making yourself a priority is also extremely important. Hence, he discovered golf and has yet to put the 9 iron down. Nicholas also played a lot of handball and was considered quite good by his opponents.

Golf provides Nicholas Exar with an outlet to be creative, stay active, and socialize with others.

At times, being a highly skilled and accomplished professional can lead to a schedule so busy that it’s difficult to find time for yourself. Nicholas Exar has come to appreciate his time on the green as time well spent for himself.

In addition to staying active and agile, golf provides Nicholas Exar with a chance to meet new people while utilizing his intelligence and his sense of adventure. Golf has provided a platform for Nicholas Exar to encounter a new challenge at every tee. As overcoming challenges is something Nicholas Exar does best, it is easy to see why golf is such a valued pastime.

Golf has also become a world class stress reliever for Nicholas Exar. Some people go jogging, some cook, some pick up bad habits; Nicholas Exar heads for the green! Occasionally dragging his now adult children with him, Nicholas Exar finds harmony and happiness while leisurely commuting from tee to tee.

While not everyone is suited for golf, Nicholas Exar combines his love of problem solving and thrill for adventure whenever he heads to the club. He has met many people from all walks of life while golfing and enjoys the socialization he receives from discussing outcomes and scores with fellow golfers. Nicholas Exar recommends golfing (even mini-golf) to anyone looking for a stress-free and exciting component to their day. And as an added bonus, it’s a subdued method of getting in that much recommended exercise!

Nicholas Exar on Public Speaking

Throughout his many career titles, Nicholas Exar has constantly encountered the need for public speaking. Nicholas Exar has been a teacher, a parent, President of a Parent Teacher Association, a professional consultant, and has directed entire programs while supervising lead staff. Nicholas Exar has had to become an expert in public speaking. While working for the State of Pennsylvania, Nicholas was repeatedly invited to Penn State University to speak to various groups about the environment and public health work he did, and the programs he created with the State of Pennsylvania.

The problem, for many, with public speaking is that, well, it’s public. What if I make a mistake? What if I talk over their heads? What if I forget my next point? What if my pants fall down? These are not mistakes that can be edited; it’s all live. Such concerns are shared by many novice public speakers. The answer, according to Nicholas Exar: be prepared and stay on task.

While standing at the podium, the more we think about why the lady in the third row is giggling, or why the gentleman headed for the exit is leaving, the more chances we give ourselves to make a mistake. The key is simply this: the reason people are in the audience is because they care about what you may have to say. So just say it.

Nicholas Exar has had a variety of audiences. Here is one point that Nicholas Exar cannot stress enough: know your audience and why they are there. Maybe you’re speaking about a new community event or, if you’re like Nicholas Exar, you’re discussing potential problems with community health and safety standards. But is your audience the community itself or is it the movers and shakers of your respective field?

For example, if it is the community at large, you don’t want to spew a bunch of industry specific jargon. The goal is to reach them at the level they are on, ask them about their concerns, and truly show interest in the responses received. This is what separates a successful spokesperson from just another suit. Your ability to effectively communicate with your audience is what will keep them listening. Nicholas Exar is a talented extemporaneous speaker.

Nicholas Exar and the Marriage of Science and Community

Nicholas Exar has spent the majority of his professional life serving the needs of his community with the advances of science. Whenever a community problem would arise, Nicholas Exar was sure to be there to help solve any problem, big or small, with the help of science.

Nicholas Exar believes that a healthy community is a strong community. For over 50 years, Nicholas Exar has devoted his life to improving the way the community lives and the health outcomes for all its members. While providing a great challenge for Nicholas Exar, he has always been up to this task.

With a diverse scientific background and a firm grasp of administration, Nicholas Exar has led his employers and peers to put their knowledge to use in order to benefit the community as a whole. Whether working to improve the safety of hospitals, schools, or private homes, Nicholas Exar has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the safety of his community.

Nicholas Exar has received a formal education in both science and public health and his goal is to constantly strive for improvements in policy and planning in order to ensure the prosperity of his fellow citizens. Being a good citizen is what separates Nicholas Exar from the rest, as he has determined that his life-long venture is to serve the needs of the people closest to him.

For Nicholas Exar, without a relationship with and genuine concern for his community, his background in science would have no benefit other than as knowledge for knowledge’s sake. While Nicholas Exar prides himself on his wealth of information, his true professional fulfillment comes from his unique ability to serve the needs of his community with the application of sound scientific procedures. Nicholas Exar’s dream is to create a sense of community health and he enjoys the pivotal role he has played in this process.