Opium Wars

By: Shea Gersper, Brooke Walters, Abi Conway

The beginning of the Opium War.

There were 2 opium wars both of which were against china. In the first war Britain was trying to to have easier and cheaper trade with China. The second war was the same except France was helping Britain. Britain made the Chinese sign a treaty that allowed the trade of opium. That’s how the war ended.

More facts about Opium

Opium is a highly addictive. Many countries did not want opium in their country because there people we becoming drug attics . Some of the effects of opium are:

  • malnutnutrition

  • breathing trouble

  • low blood pressure

  • mental health problems

More into the Opium Wars.

In the first war was china against britain. Britain wanted trade and china did not. The tried to trade opium but a war broke out . britain beat china And got free trade . The fought hard to get trade and finally a treaty was made. and trade was allowed.

Below is a video on the Opium war in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Opium War