Readers Assemble!

Learning in the Library at Canyon Ridge Elementary

Canyon Ridge Codes

Canyon Ridge took on the challenge to teach 100% of the students how to code! Students from ages 3 through 5th grade were involved with the worldwide initiative called "Hour of Code". Younger students used the app called Kodable, while older students had options among several apps and websites. Each student received a bookmark with other suggested sites.

On Tuesday, we were joined by 14 members of the Reagan High School Robotics team to help teach coding to our students.

We definitely have some future computer programmers in our midst!

Makerspace Mania!

3rd and 5th grade students participated in a new initiative in the CR Library - our first ever Makerspace. The premise behind a Makerspace is to provide a place for students to get hands-on with a variety of materials and..... MAKE STUFF!

Our energy space focused on 5 different types of energy - mechanical, elastic, sound, light, and electrical. Students spent a total of 3 hours working in the library throughout the month of November creating and recording their results in writing and on the ipads.

We had students create their own marble runs, mirror mazes that reflected light, mini brushbots, and much more! Ask your student what they loved the most.

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Elves Visit the Library and Encourage Reading

We have had 2 special elves join us this December, Chris & Kate.

They have been busy busy busy each evening reading books all over the library and leaving clues to what they have been reading. Can you figure out some of the titles?

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Overdrive E-Books

Holiday time is a great time to check out our amazing e-books. Students use their student ID number to check out free e-books from Overdrive. Add the free app to your device and start checking out books today! Click above to get started...

Canyon Ridge Library by the Numbers

Did you know?

  • The library is open 460 minutes every single day! That's 2,300 minutes a week!
  • In the past 5 week, 1433 students have visited the library ON THEIR OWN - this does not include all of the students that visit with their class each week. These are the kids who come because they want to be there & get great books.
  • In November, we circulated 3,157 books! That averages out to 210 books a day.
  • To look at it another way, 3157 books = an average of 5 books for each child in our school. Has your child read 5 books in the past 3 weeks?
  • Which grade level checked out the most books in November? 3rd grade with 836 books!