Guess Where?

By Makenzie Johnson


consists of:


-north, west and south

- in the south pacific region


How and why have people moved to there or away from there?

- Careers,Education

- Family

- Diversity

- Lifestyle

- Climate

- Security

- Sports

Goods and recources get to and from there by boat, plane, cars and mail. Ideas move to and from there by boat, plane, car, word of mouth and mimic.

How do people modify, adapt, and depend on their environment?

People depend on their environment by depending on water from rivers, lakes and oceans, they need sunlight, air, trees and vegetation. People adapt to their environment by building houses to withstand where they live. Some people there attach rainwater tanks in the rainy areas of the country. Others put solar panels on their roofs so they can use the sun's hot rays for electricity. People there modify their environent by building things like houses, mining and agriculture so they can use what comes out of that.

What is it's physical and human characteristics?

My country's physical characteristics are that it's in the Indian Ocean, has some deserts, surrounded by thousands of islands and its highests mountains within 6 kilometers of eath other, famous animals are koalas and kangaroos. It's human characteristics are that most people speak english, italian, greek, cantanese, arabic, mandarin and vietnamese. People that live there are mostly catholic, buddhism, islam, and hinduism.


Relative location

South of China, northeast of Mexico

Absolute location

35.3 south, 149.1 east

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