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Volume 2 ~ Issue 21~ January 11, 2021

Awesome Triton Staff,


"Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind." Samuel Jackson

One of the most enduring rituals in anticipation of a New Year is our need to identify resolutions for the New Year; these are actions we believe will make our lives better. And we start the year by passionately pursuing these resolutions. But by the second week, most of us have already broken at least one resolution. Many times, we give a lack of willpower the credit for our early demise. This year, I decided not to make any resolution because I became intensely curious in the WHY of failed resolutions. In reading Wendy Wood's book, Good Habits, Bad Habits, I was introduced to the term "homo economicus," which means that humans have the ability to act rationally at all times, weighing every cost against profit by utilizing his/her perfect knowledge to make decisions for the benefit of self-interest and satisfaction. We make resolutions because implicitly, we believe in the homo economicus. It is even embedded in the Nike motto, "Just Do It," indicating that willpower is enough for us see our resolutions or actions to completion. As it turns, we aren't always fully rational in spite of having full executive function in the brain as adults. Changing our behavior is more than willpower; it is multi-faceted in nature thus making resolutions practically impossible if we are to believe that willpower is singularly responsible for us attaining them.

And regardless of which side of the political aisle you stand, the events of January 6 proved that homo economicus is a very challenging ideal. Right now, there are many WHYs regarding this event. And because we don't fully comprehend what transpired, our minds demand answers to the WHYs. That is the innate curiosity in us. I pray that we will always remain intensely curious as we genuinely learn about each other and each of our perspective.

As we begin to deepen our knowledge about our Triton Trait of CURIOSITY, 2021 has already given us many opportunities to teach curiosity to our children. Google dictionary defines this term as "a strong desire to know and learn something." Without much help, children are born with a natural tendency to be curious and as they grow older and depending whether or not we have nurtured that tendency, they will become more curious or less curious. Walt Disney once said, "When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do." Those "interesting things" can be detrimental or beneficial; that will depend on the guidance they receive from the adults that speak into their lives. YOU PLAY AN INTEGRAL ROLE IN DEVELOPING OUR STUDENTS' CURIOSITY. Let us commit to guiding their curiosity that lead to learning more about what they are passionate, which will hopefully become a life-long career for them. This begins with a conversation with them. This month, create a space in your classroom where students' curiosity blossoms. Inducing and guiding this curiosity becomes the spark for an appetite of knowledge.

Finally, please read the newsletter in its entirety. This is my main form of communication and there are a lot of information in it to start the semester.

Let's have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Finley

January 12, 2021 SUHSD Professional Development

Click on the title bar above to access the SUHSD Professional Development Website for all the latest information.

Our professional development will begin with site-specific check in BEFORE going to your content-specific PD, Talk with a TOSA and technology PD. Access the resources below to attend each PD opportunity.

  1. Click on this LINK to access our ELM Staff Check-In TEAMS meeting at 8:00am. Please be on time.
  2. Click on this LINK to access the SUHSD Professional Development Website
  3. Click on this LINK to the screencastify video on how to navigate the SUHSD Professional Development Website.


ELM Drive-by Instructions: (First person to arrive will receive a special surprise!)

Please enter the parking lot via the north entrance by the tennis court. You will drive through the parking lot and then stop at the round-a-about to pick up your shirt and other items. We will be handing the following items:

  1. 2020 shirt – for everyone
  2. Tabletop Whiteboard (7 left) – if you need one
  3. Belkin Tablet Stage Stand (7 left) – if you need one
  4. Gel Mouse Pads – for those who requested it
  5. ELM Mask – for IAs and campus assistants
  6. A surprise from your students – for teachers
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Below are resources regarding the January 6 events. Please feel free to use if you plan to have a discussion with your students so that board policies and regulations are followed.

In light of what transpired on January 6, the district has provided time and resources for the staff and our community. Regardless of each of our political affiliations, we experienced many emotions that are still lingering and may be difficult to fathom. Imagine our students. And as you ready to return, many of you might be wondering what is your role as an educator regarding this event. Whether or not you plan to discuss January 6 and/or January 20 or any related events to these two dates, the district has clear guidelines to ensure neutrality in the process. This is difficult to do as these events are very personal to each of us. However, the district also realizes that we need to provide the space for us, as a staff, to discuss our emotions, feelings and thoughts. They have provided norms, guiding questions and resources to make this happen on January 12. Clink on this LINK to access the memo that was sent to all of us. Additionally, I culled all the linked resources below for easy access.

A similar memo went to our community as well.

Links embedded in the memo:

  1. Staff Discussion: Capitol Events and Next Steps
  2. SUHSD Teacher Resources
  3. Social Emotional Considerations for Creating a Healing Dialogue Space
  4. Board Policy 6142.3: Civic Education
  5. Board Policy 6144: Controversial Education
  6. Administrative Regulation 6144: Controversial Education
  7. Administrative Regulation 4119.25: Political Activities of Employees

I look forward to our discussion on Tuesday.

COVID Information for SUHSD Employees

Below are resources that you will need regarding Covid testing and FFCRA Leave.


This information pertains only to staff who come to campus on a regular basis. Although you are not required to test until the suggested dates below, it is highly encourage that you complete the testing as soon as possible to meet the two month deadline as agreed-upon by all bargaining units.

Click on this LINK to access all available free testing sites in San Diego County. Wait times are longer than normal, thus it is highly suggested for you to make appointments to expedite the process. However, appointments are only available online for three days at at time so it is vital that you are persistent with check the website for available spots.

Another alternative is to register yourself via Click on this LINK to access the website. Depending on where you had prior tests conducted, an account may already exist for you. If so, you will need your Patient ID that was created for you. Call this number to get your Patient ID: 888.852.1988. You can also access all testing sites via this website.


From the desk of Dr. Reyes:

As of now, the Department of Labor website states that the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) was not extended. This means that employees that test positive, have close contact with someone who tested positive, or experience COVID symptoms will need to use their own sick time, even if they did not use their FFCRA Leave last year.

Please link below for additional information.

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Important Bell Schedule for January 2021

Tritons, first day of school is January 13, 2021.

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In preparation for absences in Semester 2, please familiarize yourself with the newest revision of utilizing substitutes in your absences. It is the goal of the district that every day has a component of live or synchronous instruction, including Fridays. Click on this LINK to access the substitute protocol.

In order to make this happen, all administration MUST be invited to all your classes and be made co-teachers. Ruben should only be invited to all self-contained special ed classes. Dean, the new AP and I must invited to all periods. This task must be completed by January 15.

January Triton Trait: Curiosity

The Triton Trait for January is Curiosity. As educators, we must encourage students to be curious throughout their learning. Below is a video about as an organization we can encourage you to be curious so that you are a model for our students.

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Curiosity Is Your Super Power | Spencer Harrison & Jon Cohen | TEDxLosGatos
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Meal Distribution Information

We apologize for the inconvenience but the district has canceled all meal distributions this week.

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ELM Teacher Attendance Change Form

Click on the title bar to access the form to change a student's attendance.

ELM Google Calendar

Click on the title bar to access the staff calendar.

ELM Staff Handbook

Click on the title bar to access this year's staff handbook.

Genius Bar Support Form

Do you need technology help. Genius Bar is available from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Complete the form by clicking on the title bar. A Genius Bar Teacher will call you.

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