Activating Unified Persistent Prayer in Communities & Cities

Good News from Heaven and on Earth!

Heavenly Realities. Earthly Realities. What is the reality of heaven and earth interfacing in our everyday lives? As someone devoted to prayer, you have prayed multiplied thousands of times “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. We long for the beauty, peace, order, love and power that we experience as the kingdom of heaven is manifest in our experiences and relationships on earth. When “heaven breaks through” it is pure satisfaction and joy. It motivates, strengthens and moves us to talk more about the glory of God and the worthiness of Jesus our Lord. We become effective witnesses because we have seen with our eyes, heard with our ears and experienced with our lives the goodness of God in the land of the living. We can’t help but talk about such good news! In the coming days, we will have the chance to gather in two environments – the Courts of Heaven Conference taking place Thursday night to Saturday hosted by Kingdom Equipping Center at the Rock of Roseville and Convergence “Live” happening on Friday hosted by the ACTS Group at Capital Christian Center. We strongly encourage you to participate in one or both of these opportunities.

Courts of Heaven

Thursday, March 23rd, 7pm to Saturday, March 25th, 1pm

725 Vernon Street

Roseville, CA

Operating in The Courts of Heaven & Releasing Kingdom Wealth

Robert Henderson & Beverly Watkins -Worship Kingsley Walker

Conference Schedule:

Thursday 7pm
Friday 8:30-9am prayer
Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 8:30-9am prayer
Saturday 9am-1pm

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Register for Convergence "Live" on March 24th!

The theme for this one day gathering of leaders is “the Gospel in a Pluralistic Society.” There is a morning session from 8:30am-Noon and afternoon session from 1pm-4:30pm or all day.