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December 11, 2015

Volume 3, Number 17

What's new WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Jennifer Mitchell to Carla Stone for taking on big challenges this year with kindness and grace. Her care for students shines through every day and her competence is stellar.

From Chris Noel to Sarah Bauer for taking time to help the teachers and the students. She is greatly appreciated.

Resource Room-Resource Room will be re-opened every period starting Monday.

Secret Santa-Next week is our Secret Santa gift giving week. Don't forget, if you signed up to participate?

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes new toys for children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. All of the toys donated will be given to families within that county. We will be collecting toys all next week. Flyers for your Homeroom students are in your mailbox, please get the flyers to them first thing Monday. Please allow students to bring the toys to the box during Homeroom time. The box will be outside of the main/guidance office.


Updates posted regularly: Technology Hints and Tips and Teaching Strategies

Tribal Council Spirit Days

Monday - Ugly Sweaters

Tuesday - Holiday Scarves

Wednesday - Holiday socks

Thursday - Holiday hats

Friday - 6th-Green, 7th-Gold, 8th-White or Red


December 11 Faculty Meeting 7:40 am in the Lecture Room

December 15-Intruder Drill (10:10 am)

December 16 Carry-In Breakfast

December 17 Call out meeting for Girl's Basketball during Homeroom

Lunch being catered to Staff from Sleep Owl from an Anonymous Donor

"We would like to provide a lunch for your staff to say thank you for all the hard work they put in each and everyday for the students." ----Anonymous

WMS Athletics

Mon Dec 14, 2015

4:45 pm WMS BKB B 6 AT Bremen Middle School

5:00 pm WMS BKB B 7/8 Home VS Riverview MS

Tue Dec 15, 2015

4:30 pm WMS BKB B 6 Home VS Whitko MS

Thu Dec 17, 2015

4:45 pm WMS BKB B 6 Home VS Fairfield Jr. Hi.

5:00 pm WMS BKB B 7/8 AT Crestview Middle School


12-12 Lauren Allen

12-13 Sarah Bauer

12-18 Peggy Cook

12-26 Becca Nguyen

SMART START Wednesday's

All Smart Starts will start promptly at 7:40 am every Wednesday morning.

December 16

Celebrate Literacy-Christmas Fun!!!

After Christmas Break we will dive back into the 1:1 planning and preparing.

Homeroom Writing Prompt

Be sure to use the RATS Model (Emphasize the R and the A).

Upcoming Weekly Prompts:

December 14-What do you hope to accomplish over your upcoming 2 week break?

From the Desk of .sJ

School Safety

Once again, our nation is struggling with violence perpetrated in the workplace. The tragedy of what happened in southern California is one that continues to shake many souls. My purpose here is not to engage in an open dialogue concerning the events, or the precursors of San Bernadino, but to lay out some thoughts about Wawasee Middle School.

Sorry for the ‘outline’ format, but for this piece, I think it is easiest to read.

When it comes to the field of School Safety, the model we use for Intruders is called ALiCE. Here are the highlights:

  • Our lockdown drills are called Intruder Drills.

  • The name of the model used for our response initiative is called A.L.I.C.E. (A.lert, Lockdown, I.nform, C.ounter, E.vacuate)

    • A.L.I.C.E. promotes professionals taking matters into own hands in order to best provide for the students in their care.

    • Under this model, teachers will make decisions based upon the information they have, and that is in the best interest for their students,

    • Under this model, if a teacher's information at hand indicates to lockdown, teacher and students in that classroom lockdown; if a teacher's information at hand indicates to exit the building, then teacher and students in that classroom exit the building.

  • If you need information about our off site evacuation location, please see me.

These are the basic thoughts behind ALICE. Here is how I interpret those words:

  1. As a teacher in the classroom, take all the necessary steps to keep you and your students safe.

    1. if that means get out of building, get out of building

      1. do so as quickly as you can,

      2. make your way to the safe spot

    2. if that means you shelter in your classroom, shelter in your classroom

      1. put up barricades

      2. gather the students in the safest area you can find

      3. when help arrives, make them prove it

        1. at Sandy Hook, Kaitlin Roig, demanded police show credentials before she let them in her room

  2. communicate as best you can

    1. if you leave, communicate as best you can

    2. if you stay, communicate as best you can

If there are short words to talk about this week’s entry: Protect you and your students as best as you can.

Have a great week,

Shawn J
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