By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Future Career

My future career is Auto Body Collision Tech. The demand for the job is very high because of all the people retiring. The job is very common, everyone needs their are fixed when they have a accident. The state I plan to life in and annual salary is $35,000.

Plot Chart

  • Bryan who works on cars when he gets a job to go back in time to bring back a car to the future.
  • I worked on his car so he offered the job. Meet with the guy to figure out how to time travel.
  • Travel back in time to steal a certain car.
  • Steal the car from the a car show and out run a angry mob. He gets stuck in time and cant leave.
  • I working on getting the car and myself back but I still cant. Get help from the guy who sent me on how to get back.
  • Finally get back to the future and now Bryan kills the guy and keeps the car and the money.

Book Synopsis

When Bryan, a 25 year old guy from Wisconsin, finish's working on a guy's (Ishmael) car, he gets a side job from him to do something unbelievable. He must travel back in time to steal a 1970 454 SS Chevy Camero and bring it back to the future. If Bryan completes the task he will get 5 million dollars. Its a offer he cannot resist. The trouble with this is the car is at a car show and car lovers at the car show turn into a mob trying to him. It is also illegal to bring a car back to the future. Will he succeed and escape the mob or will he get stuck in time and get caught?

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