United States Marine Corps Infantry

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0311 - Designated Marksman

0311 is the United States Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for Rifleman. A Designated Marksman is commonly a Marine who had the highest rifle score in his company. The Designated Marksman acts as a guardian angel for the rest of his company as he sits at an elevated position, and provides overwatch to men on the ground.

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Typical Day

A day in the life of a Designated Marksman would consist of you getting woken up at 0300 for PT, cleaning of the common areas, and the police call for contraband. Then you shower off, and meet in formation at 0700 to discuss CO concerns and the agenda for the day. Your day can consist of field training, combat exercises, classroom training, vehicle maintenance or weapons inventory. You'll break for lunch and have some free time until instructed to meet up at formation again at about 1300-1400. During this formation you'll be met by your Drill Sergeant and your Lieutenants and relevant matters will be discussed. You'll be released for classroom training and dinner until ordered to return to formation at around 2000-2100. You'll be met with the day's closing reports, and will be released from work for the night around 2200-2300.

Working Conditions

Being an infantry Marine is a very high-stress job, as depending on where you are deployed, your life could be at risk every day. You'll work sometimes in the worst conditions, with minimal food and water but you'll still be expected to perform to the fullest of your abilities, as your life and your fellow Marine's lives could depend on your actions and performance. You'll most likely be living in tents, but you'll be provided with 3 meals a day, varying with your location and MOS.
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Training / Education Required

- You must at least 17 years of age, but less than 29 years of age at the time of enlistment

- You must provide proof of legal residency

- You must pass a physical examination

- You must have a high school diploma

- You must have gone through recruit training at either Paris Island MCRD or Twentynine Palms / San Diego MCRD

- You must have gone through the School Of Infantry or Marine Combat Training and you must have gone through the Military Occupational Speciality School

Personal Characteristics

- Endurance

- Good Judgement

- Dependability

- Integrity

- Deciviness

- Initiative

- Unselfishness

- Loyalty

- Courage

- Knowledge

- Enthusiasm


An enlisted Infantry Marine makes around $43,751 a year. However, salary increase as you spend more time in the Corps and as you rank up from E-1, your pay increases. There are additional pay bonuses based on where you are deployed to, known as "Hazardous Duty Pay."

Education Spotlight

A few Marine Corps bases are:

1. Marine Corps Recruiting Depot Parris Island is located within Port Royal South Carolina.

2. Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego is located within San Diego California.

3. Camp Dwyer is located within the Helmand River Valley in Afghanistan.

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