Newsletter Week Five Term Three

St Claudine Thevenet 26 August 2022

A message from the Acting Principal

Kia ora Whanau,

I hope that you are keeping well and managing in this very changeable weather. The first

day of Spring is just around the corner so let’s hope this brings a change in the weather so

there can be more time spent outdoors.

As we have had a little break in the weather this week students from Year 5-8 have been

able to complete their Grade 1 bike training. Our students from Year 0-4 also enjoyed their

scooter training sessions last Tuesday. It was great to see the students outdoors enjoying

physical activity and learning the skills of how to keep safe. The instructors were very

impressed with the enthusiasm, manners and perseverance the students demonstrated in all

year groups.

During their session, your child has had the opportunity to hear and discuss safety

messages and rules about wearing helmets. We are monitoring this closely to ensure that

all students biking or scootering to and from school are wearing a helmet that is worn


Thank you for your support with ensuring that your child/children are at school on time. The

beginning of the week was a bit tricky with roads being grid locked due to slips and closed

lanes but despite this we have seen some improvement with students arriving on time. If we

have any concerns about lateness we will be in touch. If this happens, please don’t be

offended as we are just ensuring that you are aware that your child is late arriving to school.

The response to Touch has been huge and we have multiple teams for all year levels. We

are looking to get these registered as quickly as possible but cannot do so until we have

enough coaches. If you are keen to coach or even share the role with another parent, please

let us know. Coaching mainly involves checking in with the team to make sure they are

ready to play, and being present at games to support players and sub from the sideline.

Just a reminder that on Friday 16th September we have a Teacher Only Day. This is a

professional development day for staff so they will not be available to supervise students.

This week it is Hinau Hub’s responsibility to share their learning in the newsletter. I hope you

enjoy reading about all of the amazing activities they have been working on in their new

learning space.

Ngā mihi,

Sandra Page

Acting Principal

Board of Trustees Triennial Election

Declaration of Results

Parent Representatives (4 vacancies)

Melesete Sagaga 0

Maria Tali 0

Teri Watene 0

Anneke Whiley 0

There being 4 candidates and 4 vacancies, I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Melesete Sagaga, Maria Tali, Teri Watene, Anneke Whiley

Declaration of Result

Staff Representative (1 vacancy)

Leeanne Neville 0

There being only 1 candidate, I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Leeanne Neville

St Claudine School Board 2022

Arlene Santillan - Proprietors Appointee

Tony Harrington - Proprietors Appointee

Maria Tali - Parent rep

Melesete Sagaga - Parent rep

Anneke Whiley - Parent rep

Teri Watene - Parent rep

Leeanne Neville - Staff rep

Dr. Sue Jury - Principal

Maria Ashkettle - Board Secretary.


For weeks 5 and 6 of this term our faith focus with students is based around the

theme of “openness.” This focus is in keeping with Pope Francis’ vision for the 21st

Century Catholic Church as one of “openness, encounter, and engagement with the

world.” Pope Francis encourages us to reach out to people where they are and help

them to encounter Christ, both in their personal life and the community of the Church.

We can do this through our actions of solidarity, dialogue, inclusion, mercy and by

setting a personal example as a “witness of peace.”

Through this focus we want our students to be open to the grace of God and to grow

in their faith with open hearts and minds, sincerely seeking spiritual answers to life.

We want our students to be open to the belief that Jesus is the source of all truth and

that He has every answer in life that we seek. Through the nourishment of prayer,

the Gospel and sacraments we want our students to recognise in their own lives

what God wants.

Wendy Wilson (DRS)

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Hinau Hub Newsletter August 2022

Vital Curriculum - Literacy & Maths

This term we have been learning about famous scientists in Literacy time. We are learning about this to expand our knowledge about people who invented, engineered and discovered things. I interviewed some of the students and this is what Andreana said. “I learnt about Benjamin Franklin, a former US president. I learnt that he invented bifocal glasses and the lightning rod. Another interesting fact about him is that he is the 10th child of 17 children!” Another student, Gabi, said, “ The scientist I learnt about is Isaac Newton and a cool fact about him is that he discovered gravity”. We really enjoy learning about famous scientists!

By Kiera Jamindar-Arnold


This term for reading, Hinau hub has been looking at different journals about our Connected topics - Science, Technology and problem-solving. In this way, our curriculum is ‘integrated’, meaning that our subjects are connected. Our work is assigned on Hapara or Google Classroom. This allows us to see what books we need to read online and what questions to answer so that we are able to self-manage. When we have finished all of our readers, we get to do reading activities like: Epic Reading, Read Theory and Reading dogs. Reading dogs help us to summarize texts, find vocabulary, discuss texts and find important key parts in what we read.

By Elise Dennis


For Maths we have been learning about Fractions. We can convert fractions into decimals and vice versa. We have been improving our learning about place value, such as tenths, hundredths and thousandths. In the last few days, we have also been learning about measurement too. We have been estimating and measuring ‘real life’ items, such as desks, pencils and our Connected bridges from around the world! Our Maths is going really great and it is fun but some kids get stuck sometimes but they can get better later.

Structured Literacy:

This term for Structured Literacy, the students of Hinau whanau have been sounding out “y” with “e and i” sounds at the end of words. We are also practising words with long and short vowel sounds. For example, there are words with long ‘a’ vowel sounds such as: pray or Friday. Vowels are A E I O U. In our Structured Literacy groups we have been doing dictations with particular vowel sounds. This usually happens every day, at the very start of the morning. Our spelling is improving!

By Aaron Santillan


This term Hinau Whanau has been learning about the Miracles Jesus performed like when Jesus transforms water into wine at the wedding at Cana. Some of us did a play with Mr Mac about Jesus' First Miracle. For R.E we have been making things, for example, we designed our favourite saint and turned it into a puppet. We have also been learning about the feast of the Assumption. The Feast of the Assumption is when Mary ascended into heaven. We made stand-up cards for that.

By Navisha Singh


This term, in Hinau Whanau, we have been building mini models of famous bridges. The bridges have been constructed out of cardboard, plastic, string and lots of other materials too. First of all we planned how to build the bridges, then we brought the materials from home so we could make them at school. Then we built our bridges with our team. We based our bridges on the real ones such as the Golden Gate Bridge, London Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge and so on. We learnt about the engineering process and you can see the engineering structural process in our bridges. Most of the bridges turned out great and everyone worked so hard and enthusiastically on their projects. Now we have started our moveable toys and it is going well!

By Gabrielle Bonneau Le Phong

CONNECTED- Moveable toys

We are now discussing, planning and making our new connected task which is ‘moving toys.’ Let's hear some ideas from groups around the Hinau Hub!

First off we have Hinau Tahi groups!

“We are making a train which moves with a motor and can hold a Barbie doll.’ The goal with their toy is that it can hold heaps of things including the Barbie doll”

-Kiera J.A.

“Our group is making a hot air balloon that can fly. The design is basically a balloon with string wrapped around it and there is going to be four little strings hanging from the balloon”


“My group are going to make a toy car fuelled by renewable energy/air. We are also working on the engine and the wheels.”


“I’m making Newton’s cradle!”


Now let's move on to Hinau Rua!

“Our team is building cars. The colour of our cars are going to be like a rainbow and we are going to make a road so the cars can drive around.”


“Our main goal is to make a model of a balloon powered car”.


“My team and I decided to build a West Highland White Terrier dog that moves with lego, wheels and string to drag the dog around”

-Bethany/Charli Fepuleai Tapasu


This term we have been learning different dances -Folk Dance, Hip hop and Creative Dance. We have learned Greek and Scottish dancing. We also did a lot of Just Dance when it was raining outside like Waka Waka, Ghostbusters and Rasputin. And we also did Scottish tap dancing which really hurt my feet because you had to tap your feet really fast. And for Hip Hop we saw a video of five simple hip hop steps we could do. We also did an African Just Dance which everyone loved! It was really fun doing it with the whole Hinau Whanau in the hub!

By Markus Angeles and Andreana Baldozano


This term in Hinau hub we have been doing some bike training with professional bike trainers.The trainers have been helping us improve our biking skills and teaching us how to be safe on the road. For example, they taught us how to indicate when turning either way, how to use the stop sign and how much a fine is! When we all pass the Pedal Ready Grade 1, which taught us how to be safe, they will be able to take us biking on the road. Then if we pass Level 2 of Pedal Ready Grade 2 they will teach us how to move through traffic and how to use all the skills we learned in real traffic.

By Malia Muaiava

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Rata and Rimu Scooter Training


Can you all please remember to wear correct school uniform. We have most items in stock should you require. Also it is very important to name your uniform. They all look exactly the same so it is very hard to identify each child's own property unless it has their name on it.

Also please remember to pack your child some morning tea. Lunch is provided but some children regularly forget any morning tea.

Nut Allergies

We have a range of students (particularly juniors) who have allergies to all nuts and nut products including nutella. We ask that you do not send these to school with your child/children. These can be kept at home for afternoon tea. Thank you for keeping our tamariki safe.

Sacramental Programme

Due to the rising number of covid cases, the Parish have decided to postpone the sacramental programme until 2023. Lookout for information regarding this during term one of next year.

Term dates 2022

Term One - Wednesday 2 February- Thursday 14 April 2.40pm

Term Two- Monday 2 May- Friday 8 July 2.40pm

Term Three- Monday 25 July- Friday 30 September 2.40pm

Friday 16 September TEACHER ONLY DAY- PLD

Term Four- Monday 17 October- Thursday 15 December 12.30pm