Segragation between races in Africa

What was Apartheid? What does it mean and why was it created?

  • The Apartheid was when the white minority had the power and they separated whites and non-whites.
  • Apartheid means literally separateness
  • The Afrikaners created the Apartheid was because they had the power and they wanted to separate the whites from non-whites

What was the impact on the non-whites population in South Africa and how did the rest of the world react?

The non-whites that lived in the apartheid lived a hard life. They didn't have electricity and pluming like the whites and they had to take their I.D. with them everywhere they went. Some even lost their citizenship.
The rest of the world didn't react to the apartheid very well, they protested inside and out of South Africa. Some countries even cut off trade with South Africa because they didn't like the Apartheid.

What was the Importance of the Apartheid?

The apartheid was very important because this was a big turning point in history. This is so important because this was almost like slavery because the non-whites were treated wrong and the had to do everything. Also because the blacks tried to protest and when they did some were jailed and some were killed or injured. The other reason it's like slavery is because the whites and non-whites had separate benches, water fountains, etc. and again they were treated wrong. The non-whites also couldn't participate in government things and they also had a limited space of land.

Who was Involved?

  • Nelson Mandela- Nelson Mandela was the leader of the black nations and he protested and got arrested. Then 27 years later he was released and in 1994 he was elected president of South Africa
  • F.W. de Klerk was the president of South Africa. He was the one that released Nelson and then told the whites that it was time to work with the non-whites even though he was an Afrikaner.