Mrs. Prince's Class

Loving to Learn


Students will be given a study packet for each week from now on. It will contain spelling words, math standards and examples, and a fluency passage. It is essential for you to go over these materials with your child if you want them to be successful in first grade. However, the children do not have to turn in anything any more. I would also like to encourage you to read the students library books with them to help them increase fluency and comprehension. This is an essential skill to be promoted to second grade. I have noticed that over half my class have not been turning in homework so I do not want to continue to waste paper and ink if it is not going to be used by the students. However, if you will use the study packet each night your child should still be successful in the assessments given each week.

Assessments are given weekly to make sure the students are understanding the skills and concepts.

We will have a vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, phonics on Friday's of each week unless it is a short week then test will be given on the last day of the week. Math quizzes are usually given weekly unless children are not ready to be tested then I may spend more time on the concept.

Spelling Words