Ice Hockey

By:Sara Crain


Do you like to skate,smash people and score points? Well if you do you'll like Ice Hockey its an popular sport in the Olympics.


Here's the equipment you need for this sport...Helmet-Used to protect your head. Skates-To move across the ice. Mouth guard-To protect your teeth from the puck. Stick-To hit the puck into the goal to score points. Puck-To hit into the goal. Gloves-To protect your hands from the ice.

The science of the sport

The science of Ice hockey is Friction-Between the skates in contact with the ice. Force helps to move the skates forward. Gravity-Helps to keep you on the the ground.

How its played

How is hockey played? Let me explain you try and get the puck into the goal to score points to win. Defend the penalty zone. Play by the rules in order to stay in the game. Have a fair game.