Ms. DesBarres Grade One Newsletter

Week 15

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 14- 70th Day of School! Library books due back for Christmas Holidays.
  • Wednesday, Dec 16- School Christmas Celebrations (5:30-7:30pm) Information was sent home via email.
  • Thursday, Dec 17- Snow Fun!
  • Friday, Dec 18- Last day before Christmas break (full day) Christmas hat day.
  • Dec 19-Jan 3- Christmas Break
  • Monday Jan 4- First Day back!
  • Friday, Jan 8- 80th Day of School!
  • Important Information:

    • BUDDY BOOKS: Students are continuing to bring home their buddy books daily. Please remember that these leveled books are for your child to read to you. They must be returned daily- just like their library books.

    • Math: In math we are continuing to work through our addition and subtraction unit. The students have been participating in various math tasks and centers this week which have helped them to continue to develop their addition and subtraction skills. This week we added with marshmallows (treats always make math more fun!) and had a snowball addition fight! (Kids loved this!) Pictures of these activities on our class dojo page.

    • 12 Days of Christmas Kindness: Students have been continuing to complete their daily kindness tasks and are getting closer to their goal which is to cut off Santa's whole beard!

    • Snow fun! Next Thursday, the grade one’s want to take advantage of this mild winter weather and have a fun in the snow!

      We ask students to bring in a sled if they are able and we will be spending some time with them outdoors.

      Please ensure your child’s name is written on the sled. For Thursday only, sleds will be allowed to be brought down to the classroom for storage until we go outside. Also we ask that your child brings a flat sled only, no wooden toboggans, tubes or GT’s.

      As is the rule at Aspen Grove any day, sleds are only allowed to be used if proper clothing is worn. This especially includes boots and ski pants. Please send your child properly dressed for our snow fun!

      Students who ride the bus are unable to bring sleds on their bus ride. If other arrangements to get a sled to school cannot be arranged we do have a few extra sleds at the school that can be used and shared.

      The forecast for Thursday is calling for -10 with a bit of sun….perfect for sledding and enjoying some time outside!

      We will be walking a few blocks south of the school to a sledding area near the golf course. Since this will take us off school property, a permission slip will need to be filled out and returned. Please watch for it in your child’s binder on Friday and have it returned early next week.

      Students who do not return permission slips or wear proper winter clothing will be unable to accompany us on this outing and will instead need to stay behind at the school.

    Table Talk

    This is where I share a few things that we have been learning this week, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

    1) This week we were introduced to 2 new characters who will help us remember the letters and sounds that we need for reading and spelling. Have your child tell you one thing they remember about Yakety Yak (Yy) and Ping Pong (ng). Then have them tell you what sounds those two characters likes the best, and what letter or letter combinations represent that sound. Yakety Yak (Yy) and Ping Pong (ng).

    2) This week we learned two new sight words. Ask your child if they remember what they were. (Very, Your)

    Have a great weekend!